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            Top 10 books to read if you love                                       reading 

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         Hey, there you are , but before you continue ,I am warning you! please do not read this article if you do not love reading or if you are not that much into books. Because this article is for all those book lovers who loves to read and who just eat and drink books and if you  love books than you are just gonna love this article and this might be useful for you .                                                                                                            

 So first lets talk about reading if you love reading you must be knowing that it just gives you that peace and joy at the same time ,  that excitement and what's gonna happen next are all a part of it,  honestly before I started reading yrr literally I hated it , yes I did do that,  but after reading the very first novel which was suggested to me by my best friend I just fell in love with books and ........ now you see   what happens is that initially when people say that I love reading you think like ( kis duniya se aya h bhai tu ) dude you belong to which part of world ? Because till now you have just read the books which were a part of your syllabus and your course those are totally different books from novels and love stories .                                                  

  I am in any way not saying that those are bad books because they are simply not bad books,  but are knowledgeable and novels are the books which are based on any persons experience of life . So both are totally different concepts .Some people find books of science really interesting ,  but some really don't .So it depends , on a persons personal choice of genre of books .That which genre they look for?  Example: some people find FICTION really interesting and, some people people find NON-FICTION really appealing , in short its all about interest .                                                                                                       

    The first book which I read was "can love happen twice"and after that I read another part of the same book which was " I too had a love story" and and and please some one who is reading this please go and read these two books if you haven't already .I just cannot explain how much I am in love with these two books . When I was reading "I too had a love story" I literally started crying so yes it will make you emotional but just once give it a try I am sure you are gonna love it .                                                                                                           Now coming back to top 10 books which you must read if you enjoy reading are listed below so you can go check them out if you like them please share this and I hope that this was helpful for you .... 


     1) Fantastic beasts

A Cup Of Coffee On A Table Among Books Image      2) The body snatcher             

     3) Zen the art of living 

     4) Everything begins elsewhere                           

     5) Nine Indian women poets

     6) The lovers dictionary 

     7) Her stories

     8) The key to happiness

     9)The name of this book is secret 

     10) Diary of a wimpy vampire  

These were some of my most favourite books which are listed above. To be frank I don't really read that much and I am a little bit choose when it comes to reading because I really love to read romantic love stories which have a happy ending. 
                        And most of us really like happy ending because if I am reading a book which has a really drastic ending,  I do get a little depressed and go beyond that and think more and more which leads to depression guys,  so I don't really explore a new genre but if you like to than  read  whats the brob just go for it . Also guys I have suggestions for you which are "I too had a love story" and "can love happen twice " please if you haven't already go check them out and do let me know in the comment section below do you like it or not. 
                   Also if you have any suggestions for books let me know which are your favourite books I hope this article was helpful for you Thankyou for reading this article....... 

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April 26, 2020 at 2:02 AM ×

You've created a great list. I enjoyed reading the diary of a Wimpy vampire!

April 27, 2020 at 7:53 AM ×

I never heard of some of these. Thanks for the ideas

May 4, 2020 at 2:06 AM ×

Thankyou so much for such warm words ..yeah wimpy vampire is surly a great one

May 4, 2020 at 2:07 AM ×

Ohh really ! yours welcome ..