Myths about beauty/ 5 most common beauty myths

               5 most common beauty myths 

Beauty myths are really common these days . Specially in the era of social media and  internet where every one has some kind of knowledge to share . most of us have believed these myths as a fact and the internet is flooded with number of such misleading information . Below are some common beauty myths busted lets see-:)

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5 most common beauty myths 

1)sun exposure can help prevent pimples

No  that's not true sun exposure cannot prevent pimples , rather it contributes to sighns of ageing . 

Yes guys its not joke . It's a harsh truth so always means always apply a good sunscreen before stepping out in sun. 

Also if you think that when you go out in the sun your pimple tends to dry out its because your skin is drying out too and a fun fact is that you can control 90 % of your ageing just by avoiding sun exposure ..

2) by shaving your face you will have beard 

HAHAHA!So funny this one is and a big myth which I would like to bust today . 

You know what hair growth depends on follicle and shaving does not affect the follicle and the growth pattern so go shave it if you really want to without any worries.

3)SPF foundation is enough for sun protection

No spf foundation is not enough to protect you from sun damage .

It is important to remember that SPF only refers to protection against UVB. 

UVA is a longer wavelength that can penetrate glass. 

It is the main wavelength that damages our collagen and also can increase our risk of skin cancer.

“SPF used in moisturisers are tested the same way as sunscreens, so an SPF 15 moisturizer should provide an SPF of 15. 

“However, these formulas are less likely to be rub-resistant and water resistant, and most importantly are likely to be applied a lot more thinly than sunscreen. 

They therefore are unlikely to offer the same level of protection.

“A moisturiser with an SPF will help protect you against small amounts of UV exposure, such as when you walk to the car or pop outside to hang out the washing, but sunscreen is better suited for longer, more deliberate UV exposure, such as spending your lunch hour outside.” 

4)Toothpastes are a good way to get rid of pimples

No please don't ever believe it that toothpaste can get rid of pimples because first of all it is not meant

for your skin and second thing is that if you use it on your face it will dry out your skin making it 

even more sensitive ,acne prone and even worse if you have a acne prone skin I will suggest you to 

go to a dermatologist because experimenting much with your face can lead to even worse situation 

5)The faster you start using anti-ageing products, the better it is for your skin.

Of course precaution is better that cure , but it does not mean using those products or things

which are not needed by your skin.......... Guys look its great not only great but really really 

good for you to take care of your skin and body but it simply does not mean that  you need 

to use all those products which are available in the market . first try to understand the needs

of your skin and than only give your skin what it really needs . always use products 

according to your skin type , and depending on the needs of your skin .

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