My Makeup story

How much I love makeup / How I got a kick to explore makeup

Woman Beauty Makeup Set on White Marble Background | Pikrepo O my god makeup!!!!!!!!!!! yes makeup today's article is really going to be my most Favourite of all time because I just love to do makeup , yes I really do it and can literally die for makeup.                                           
                                                         Here I am not saying that I m an expert in makeup or something guys but just the idea of makeup really excites me a lot  . I think that my love for makeup developed over a period of time after I graduated from collage , that's when I started exploring makeup and to be honest that's when any girl start to experiment with looks and makeup .
                                              But in the beginning I really had no clue about so many steps involved in achieving a perfect glam doll like look but as soon as I started watching videos of how to apply foundation on youtube there was barely any step which I would have not come across, as I started to learn makeup I also started to execute the steps involved in the process and the funny part was sometimes it literally goes wrong that's when you look like a ghost .
       Assorted-color makeup palettes on white surface
                   Ok let me tell you a really funny story about how bad I was in this area .             
                 so once what happened was there was a marriage. It was my cousin sisters marriage which we were supposed to attend ,  but because there were just few days left for my second year's final semester so what I decided was...... that I am not going to go to this weeding because my exams are coming.
           But the reason behind this idea was not actually my exams ,rather my skin condition which was really pathetic  and at that time i was in hostel so my parents somehow agreed with me. But one day before the weeding I don't know suddenly what happened to my father? He just called me and said that pack your bags I am coming to pick you and its your cousin sisters weeding so you have to come with us .                                     
         Black makeup palette
             Unfortunately I was left with no option so I said ok and packed my stuff and I got ready and there was I in the weeding house where every one just says you some thing and they themselves forget that they have given you some cores to do .

Because if you are an Indian than you can relate to me how these fat Indian weddings are, ... they are just so exhausting, and now there I was with a horrible skin condition and the funniest part was that to every one whom I greeted namaste...... what they replied was , (what happened  to your face how do got so many pimples)....... and in my mind( I was like , I said them to come with me in the weeding otherwise I will be alone  no) just thought this and replied with a simple smile and said nothing .
           Assorted-brand cosmetic products
             Till now also it was ok sort of a thing for me like nothing was affecting me that much, but you just can't Imagine  what incident happened with me that night. 
                          ok now lets cut this short and come to the point ,...on the weeding night me and my mom with my cousin siso (who was would to be bride) went to this parlour called xyz ( I don't remember the parlour's name ) so we went to get ready there and to my surprise I was really surprised ...............after I got this new look........... from that (parlour vali didi) which was making me look like i got ready for some raam leela function .-) or even if there is something much more worse makeup look I would call it that .
                     Makeup brushes and makeup brushes  
                                               In the first place it was my mistake to not really care about which parlour I am going to, and the second thing which contributed to that worst look was my acne , and also that lady made it even worse and.................... huhhhhhh not even a single person told me how bad it was looking in person .Not even my mom told me that the makeup is not looking good and I really get it , that it was her concern to not let me feel low about my condition or not to hurt my sentiments , but it was what it was ....and it was just meant to happen so it happened....
 Now when we all went to the weeding palace and when we were being photographed there was this guy who is my sisos brother-in-law passed a really mean comment on me and laughed so hard. I could not do anything there........ and just ignored. 
                              Till now I literally  hate that guy for doing so and I just moved on and come back and took homeopathic medicine my skin condition is much better but to be frank I still do get pimples  and suffer from acne , but now I have realised  you can't really do any thing but just accept yourself as you are and try to improve your self and also after that drastic makeup incidence i learned my self that how to do makeup so that you are never dependent on any one .
  That was the first time i got a kick to really go and explore makeup and learn the trick .  
    Four brown makeup brushes with white background
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