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          Effects of healthy working place

I am a big fan of Ratan Naval Tata as he is introduced to me by various sources like internet and my collage books , I am really impressed by his personality and when , I was in collage our professor ,  who use to teach us business , also gave us several examples of this business tycoon , that how he(Ratan Tata) has always invested in his employees and even after losses has never paid off any of the employees .

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  A healthy  working environment is important for employees and is a niche of  efficient and effective output for the company , nevertheless to say many more factors are responsible for the better output but this one is a must have factor .

Investing in employees is a long term investment , why not one should do that after all it has so many advantages at the same time. And if some how you manage to create a healthy and happy working environment nothing much can contribute in an employees health than creating a pressure free work place for them .

                                                                                        Yesterday I was catching out an episode of KBC and there was this lady on the hot seat who has had worked with Dr. APJ Abdul kalam for five years and was saying that she never took leave in those 5 years of working with the prime minister cause , she never felt sick and enjoyed her working hours , which just made me thought , that may be this is the reason that why  my father falls sick more often . 

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No doubt that your surrounding have a vital role to play in your health status . And if you get sick more often you should think twice about your working place , because it is the place where you spend most of your time . May be money can be a compensation of work pressure , but in the longer run you need to maintain good health it's because money can buy several things  but for sure it is not a substitute of your health . 

                                  A good working environment is really essential and important for the growth of an employee as an individual , which will thus result in a better output and lead to profitable results. 

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We often don't realize in initial stages of our life that how much importance health should be given . Here I am not only talking about physical health but also mental health should  be given equal importance , because physical and mental health they both go hand-in-hand .

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  It is a fact that companies that build great workplaces also improve human physical and mental health life span. Economically active people spend on an average about one third of their time at the workplace . employment and working conditions have a powerful effects on health equity . good working conditions can provide social protection and status , and protection from physical and psychosocial  hazards , they can also improve self esteem of employees and lead to positive health effects.

Now what to do if you want to be healthy and fit both inside and out  ?

If you want to be  healthy and fit both inside and out here are some points which you should definitely keep in mind 

Regular exercise - regular exercise can help you sleep better . and good sleep helps you to regulate your moods. exercise can distract you from negative thoughts and provide opportunities to try new experiences. Exercise increases your energy level . the level of chemical in the brain , such as stress hormones and endorphins , change when you exercise also exercise can reduce skeletal muscles tension , which helps you feel more relaxed.

keep your diet in check- Keep unhealthy food out of the house just by initiating this one single step you would be amused to see your self control and also it is going to save you a lot of money which other wise you would have spent on junk foods and if something was left by chance than that would have been spent on hospital bills .

These were just a few simple tips to stay fit and healthy,also always keep in mind that that exercise and diet both contribute in your health status equally .

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Sleep at least for 6 to 8 hours 

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