How to kill acne / Say bye to that ugly pimple

       Bye bye pimples 

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 Hello , now I am  not going to waste any more time and just come to the point directly, I hate pimples and know that you the one reading this article either don't love it . So lets just say bye to it for ever and ever .

                           Before I tell you anything about how to remove that nasty shit from your face , first of all let me clear  you one thing , before using anything on your face do read the ingredients it has try to get the full knowledge of the product to that the reason is that everyone has a different reaction to each and every thing you apply on your face and also pimples are of different types too .

                            Prior to applying any sort of product first of all you should do a patch test on the back of your ears or  near your jaw line and leave it for 24 hrs to see if suits you or not than  only use it on your face.  

These days my skin is being so unfair to me. Some how I figured out what to do and thought of giving a try to salicylic acid .Which I have heard of that it gives quick results . What it does is that it dries out your pimple and peels off the skin . I know it sounds scary to some people but don't worry it is just going to remove the dead skin cells and unclog your pores , if you have oily or acne prone skin. You can use any salicylic acid infused product or you can also opt for a glycolic acid based product like face washes and stuff .

       What to do to clear acne 

1) Stop using every product which you think     contributes to your acne  .

2) Start using non comedogenic products .

3) Use salicylic acid and glycolic acid based skin care products like fashwash and gels. 

5 ) Use makeup less often .

6) Clean your makeup brushes and sponges every  week .

7) Remove your makeup properly before going to  bed .

8) For oily skin people use a light weight moisturizer .

9) Change your pillow cover every 3 days after. 

10) Don't use too much different products .

11) Use only one active ingredient at a time. 

12) Drink sufficient water. 

13) Sleep well .

14) Eat fruits .

15) Do exercise .

16) Say no to stress.

17) Do not consume too much oily food.

18) Use sunscreen daily. 

Product you can consider 

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