How to loose weight / Get rid of tummy fat

      How to loose weight in a healthy way

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          In the modern era a unhealthy lifestyle is a trend going on , which means you are
          bound to gain those extra kilos which in turns becomes a cause of lack of self co-
          nfidence in you. Are you going through that phase, I totally get and its normal not

           everyone is born with a great metabolism , but hey look don't worry today I got

           you some tips and tricks which if followed regularly than definitely its going to

           work . A point to be kept in mind is that  consistency is the key to get the desired

           results . There is nothing which is going to make you look slim over night and if
           there is something like that , than its probably not going to be healthy yes you can

           loose weight fast but in longer run it is also important to maintain your over all

           health .

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                      The main aim of loosing weight is to be healthy and not only to look good

          Yes I do get it that looks are important  in this modern era but to be healthy is as
          important as looks . And I know that you are getting my point . The points which

          I am going to tell you are really simple and basics of a good and healthy routine

          so it is going to be suitable for every one but before you try any new thing it is

          always recomended that you should consult your dietitian in advance because 

          everyone body has a different reaction to any thing you eat or drink .

                                                                                                                     Also in no way

          I am promoting body shaming or saying that  if you are fat you don't look beautiful

          but its good to give your self a little extra care,  make your self fit and healthy is

         going to have a positive change in your life and in turn will boost your  confidence

         and will help prevent  disease and make you look younger than ever before .

        1) exercise regularly - I cannot stress enough on this one factor which can make or 

           or break the game for you . Exercise contributes to your fitness 70% . It means that 

          the  chances of getting in shape increases by  70 % if and only if you exercise regularly 

          or even if you do it atleast 3 times per week  . exercising regularly has also lots of 

         other benefits like increase in blood flow and balance in hormones and if I go on that 

          this article is going to be too long . so yeah exercise every single day if possible and

          it can be in any form  like dancing , running, walking fast , and yoga , suraya namasakar 

          etc . Whatever suits you .
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        2) Drink enough water - by saying this I mean at least 8 to 10 glass per day is enough 

            also if possible drink water when it is required by your body like  half an hour before

           dinner  and  45 minutes after taking meals is really going to get rid of that tummy fat
           and will provide you with a better immune system if you do it regularly and consistently.

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        3) lemon and warm water every morning - these days its no surprise that the internet is 

             raved with the effects of lemon for weight loss up to an extent it is true that lemon is

            a really good antioxidant fruit which if used regularly can help  in weight loss . You 

            can drink warm water mixed with half lemon every morning right after getting from

            your bed. This way it will flush out all the toxins from your body and it will also give 
            you a glow from within.

       4) Drink milk - Yes do drink milk if you want to be fit and healthy and to loose those 

           extra kilos. The way which you should do it is before going to bed every night after

           your meals drink a glass of luck warm milk and than go to bed as you usually do also 

           if possible drink it without adding sugar this way you will get the best of it . And if

           you do not like milk than you should drink a glass of warm water before going to bed . 

      5) Through the junk food out of your house - It is going to be really difficult for you to 

          maintain and follow a healthy and strict diet if you are surrounded with all that junk 

          which is already piled up in your body so the best way is to completely through that

          out and have nothing which is called packed food or junk food in your house . For

          evening craving keep some seasonal fruits handy which are a good substitute of those

          junkies .
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      6) Be consistent -  Now comes the difficult part which is sticking and being consistent 

          with all the hard work you are doing . you have to be regular with all the diet and 

          exercise no matter what because all that is going to pay off only and only if you are

          regular and consistent with your routine than if you follow all of these it is surely

          going to give you that perfect shape you ever dream off .

       It is going to be difficult at the beginning but once you will get used to this routine

       trust me you will start to enjoy it as well as be in shape and you can flaunt your body 

       without thinking twice about your weight .

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