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hii guys whats up ! how's life ! how is your mental health , how's your peace of mind  ,  is some thing disturbing you ? is there anything in life that you are doing under pressure ?   Or just to make your parents feel proud .!  Thats okk most of us are doing the same thing which we are not happy doing but you don't need to do it all your  life yes you can't please every one out there , and now is  the time to prove your self . Still as they say life is a race and if you want to win than you surly have  to run faster than everyone with you out there , the point here is not to win but to make others loose .. To which I don't sometimes agree because my ultimate goal in life is  to be in a  healthy state , rather than being in  a wealthy state .

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  I am going to pour my heart out in this particular article , because I really want all of you to know that the life you are living is price less and a precious gift of god given to us .  So please first of all what you need to do is just to stop , stop , stop and stop listing to what other people say to you , that don't do this don't do that . Because they are not the ones paying your bills or helping you in any way  you are responsible  for your happiness and so start doing the thing which makes you happy and gives you joy . Start influencing others around you , by  this way you will attain the peace of mind , and people around you will lead a better life. Lets just make this world a beautiful place guys .  You never know what 's next the life is going to through at  your face and  lets  face no matter , who you are one day you have to go , so why not  before going do something which is meaning full and which can make a difference in others life . Lets be good and be honest and humble to others who need it .

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     I was someone who always use to overthink about all the situations and I always tried to please everyone out there but in this process of making others happy , somewhere I lost my own happiness and self-love by not giving myself the me time. And now I know it for a reason that self-love is way more important than anything else is also kinnda underrated , I don't know why?  

                                               Before anything you must listen to your heart and your body what you want to do in life and if someone puts you down than just shut that particular person out of your life be like spring guys whenever people try to pull you back go forward and don't try to prove anything to anyone but just to yourself that you are worth it , I have so many examples to give you but the biggest is me myself my own life as  now I am much more happier and healthier than before just because I started to take care of my health both mental health and physical health. 

                                           Doing something and having a goal to achieve is going to make you feel more alive so go and be independent girls and boys because the only way to have a peaceful and respectful life is by doing something on your own and to be busy as much as you can be , this way you are going to be engaged in some or the other activity which is going to be fruitful to you and people around you. 

      In case you are having a hard time in  being social than try to surround yourself with positive and enthusiastic person that way you will slowly grow your self confidence and always move out of your comfort zone. Do things which you do don't want to do,  face situations which  you don't want to come across it is going to prepare you for the tougher  time of life .

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