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100+ Free Positive Thinking & Positive Images - PixabayLooking at a successful person we often think what is the key to success? But in a longer run if  you want to establish your self ,there  is no substitute to hard work. How can you be successful is upto you and your positivity , attitude , how you deal with others in various situation and your thought process  just contribute and add up to your success . 
                        By saying contribute to it I  mean it , because 80 % of your problem is solved just by the way you deal with your problem I will give you a really good example : I have a friend of mine who is really close to me and just to let you know she is damn pretty and really good looking , but she have had more than 6 or 7 heart breaks and the shocking part is that she was left alone in each of her relationship but still she wanted them to come back to her which anyone would do in that particular situation .
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                                                                             But if I was in that situation where some one would leave me I would  definitely let them go.............. dude look , there is a big reason behind each and every thing happens in our lives so if someone is leaving you its there loss not yours and may be its just no ones loss may be you both parted ways because you both are not meant for each other and you both deserve much better. 
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                                               Specially if you are left alone you just need  to understand things and see it from a different prospective I know what I am saying might sound repetitive to you but its the truth and it would be better for you to accept it as soon as possible. 

So that whenever something like this takes place in your life rather than sitting and over thinking and crying you can just focus on your goals and be outrageous , be courageous and don't wait for some one to come and hold you , you just hold yourself and love yourself pamper yourself and go and be what you want to be , achieve your goals , the one who left you will come back to you but never to give them a second chance because if they can leave you once they won't mind doing it again and guys I am putting so much pressure on this topic is because 90% of your happiness or miseries in your life is influenced by your better half I read it some where that 1000 breakups are better that one divorce. 

                                                        The key to happiness is the key to success according to me because if you are happy you are successful and in my head success is measured by happiness and not money and if you want to be successful in your life below are some positive changes to make in your life .
        How to be happy and successful 
   1)Sing in the shower
   2) Don't expect life to be fair
   3) Remember 80% of your success in any field is is based on 
       how you deal with them 
   4) Wave at children on a school bus 
   5) Compliment the food your mother cooks for you cause 
      some don't have mother and some don't have food
   6) Own a great music system               

   7)In a fight his first and hit hard 
     8)    keep secrets 
   9)Never give up on something miracles happen every day              never give up  
   10)Always accept an outstretched hand 

   11) Be brave even if you are not ,pretend to be 
   12) Avoid sarcastic comments 

   13)Choose your life's mate carefully

   14) Make habbit to do nice things for others even if they don't                  know

   15) Lend only those books you never care to see again

   16) Never deprive someone of hope it might be all that they have 

   17) When playing games with children , let them win  

   18) Give people a second chance ,always but never give third one

   19) Be romantic 

   20) Become the most positive and enthusiastic person you know

   21) Be a good looser for your loved ones

   22) Be a good winners of hearts 

   23) Think twice before burdening a friend with a secret

   24) When some one hugs you , let them be the first to let go

   25) Be modest. A lot was accomplished before you were born

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Affirmations,appreciations,positivity,positive thinking,good ...

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