lakme undercover gel face primer review

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Lakme absolute undercover gel primer

        A big hello ,  to everyone out there who is  reading this article . I hope you all are doing well . So now lets just get into the article so today I will be reviewing a lakme product which is lakme absolute undercover gel primer , this is a gel based primer . I personally really like it , also it is  the first ever primer from lakme which I have used.

  Now for all the beginners , Who don't know what a primer is ? So a primer is a gel based or silicon based formula which is applied on your face before you apply your foundation , so that your makeup stays on your face for a longer period of time . The job of a primer is to minimize the appearance of large open pores and to give your face a smooth texture . Also to make your makeup last for a longer period of time on your face without looking cakey or patchy. 

And the primer today we will be talking about is from lakme absolute undercover gel primer. 

It is a silicon based primer  which blurs out your pores and gives your skin a smooth texture to apply rest of your base makeup. This primer works well under your foundation and also the makeup stays on for a longer period of time after applying this primer , also it is silicon based formula so you need a very little amount just on the area where you have large pores. 

 Over all I like this primer its a good primer but to be honest There are a lot of primers in the market these days this primer retails for Rs 700 but you can find great discounts on it online on Amazon and Nykaa. 

 Point to point review of Lakme Absolute Undercover gel primer

1) Price factor  

The pricing of this gel primer is ok a you can say it is decent but at the same time there are a lot of primers available in the market in the same range which are  good   competitor of this primer my all time favourite Lotus ecostay primer is one of them. lakme absolute undercover gel primer retails for 700 rupees .In this price range I would suggest you  to go for lotus ecostay primer but if you are considering  buying this primer you can buy this one also.

2) Formula in texture of the primer

 The formula in texture of the primer are pretty good .It does job of a primer very well , and it is a silicone based formula , which feels really soft on the skin ,  also it blurs  out your pores up to great extent. Now I would say formula in texture of this primer a decent.

3) Packaging factor

Coming to the packaging of the Primer it's nice it comes in a tube form and is really travel friendly. It comes in a black colour tube which looks really luxurious and is very sturdy.

4) Shelf life of the product

The shelf life of this primer is is 2 years which is quite ok

5) Is it suitable for sensitive skin

Guys this primer contains parabens and silicons in it , so I don't know  that is it it suitable for sensitive skin or not. If you have a sensitive skin you can do a patch test before applying this primer on the face it is highly suggestible that before applying any product on your face you should always do a patch test if you have a sensitive skin .
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Now coming to the primer I would say that it is a ok primer and in this price range there are a lot of primers available in the market which are of really good quality like Lotus ecostay primer and many more so if you are considering buying this primer you can go for it  . 

I personally have used this primer and and I was happy with the results there was not any problem whatsoever ok that's it . Now that I have told you each and every aspect of this product if you want to buy this you can go Amazon or Nayaka if you want to purchase it .You can purchase it online or offline but if you  purchase this online you will get great discounts.

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