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        Top 10 best and affordable Makeup Brushes

                     Cosmetics Brush Makeup - Free photo on Pixabay
Makeup is a part of daily routine so why not make it simpler and easier also hygienic up to some extent with the help of some tools so that time can be saved and also with less effort you can achieve a flawless and perfect look .

I know you must be thinking whats the need of makeup brushes if we can apply foundation with our traditional beauty blender or just with fingers but when when you see actual output there is a hell lot of difference found which can result in a drastic change of the look .
                           At first when I was really young and I used to look at these  professional makeup artists and youtubers  I my self  thought that there is no importance of makeup brushes and stuff they are just for the sake of showcase but to my surprise when I actually used them than I realised on what i was missing . And just to let you know that some of the foundations can just work with brush , if you try to use your fingers with them they just don't work at all so in some cases it really becomes a necessity  to use a makeup brush .

                                Now when you are going to go bold with your eyes you definitely need a set of makeup brush, because if you have to create a look or something  or go heavy on eyeshadow you definitely need a set of eyeshadow brush which is of good quality .  Ok now to create a basic eyeshadow look or even if you prefer to do a dramatic look you only need three or four brushes which are bleanding brush , angular brush , small blending brush and a fluffy brush .So below are some good quality and affordable makeup brushes which you can give a try and I am sure that you will love it .

          1) Generic phenovo makeup brush set                 
              brush set                                                            

          3)puna store cosmetic makeup brush set              



         5)Zureni 10 pcs designer makeup brush kit         

          6)start makers mermaid synthetic fiber eyeliner 
             eyeshadow blending fish tail makeup brush set



              7)DUCARE eyeshadow brushes makeup set 
              with silvery pack of 6                                       
             8) Zurebi baseball black and orange nylon
                makeup brush kit with fan 8 pieces                 


                        foundation makeup brush                                

         10) Brain freezer J makeup set brushes for
     foundation concealer eyebrow cosmetic beauty kit     

                            Makeup Brushes Brush Set M - Free photo on Pixabay
So here I have listed some of the most affordable and best makeup brushes which you can try out if you want to .And dear girls I would highly suggest you to go for saperate makeup brush set  for eyeshadow which is specifically meant for eye makeup because if you like to create different eyeshadow looks and experiment with them you can never have enough blending brushes and only those brushes are good which are a bit dense and fluffy. 
         I am saying this because I love makeup and if you are a girl and you love makeup you can definitely relate to me. How much therapeutic make up is to me I just cannot explain enough to you guys. 
           Bdw coming back to brushes all the brushes which are listed above are soft on your skin and also they don't have any fall out. Now while using all types of tools one thing which you must keep in mind is that never to use a dirty brush on your face girls because it can break you out  while using any of these tools you must wash them after using and also let them dry on its own. 
                               Be extra carefull even if you use a spong that it should not be dirty at all keep your makeup brushes and sponges clean 
also never to wash them with detergent soap please do not do it rather you can opt for a shampoo and lukewarm water and wash it and let it dry. 
                                       Also I would highly suggest you to invest in these makeup brushes so that all that extra time you take to get ready you can substitute that in preparing yourself a good and healthy breakfast. I hope that this article was helpfull for you and if you like it please share it with you friends and family Also do read my blog on top 5 best foundations.
 let me know what you think in the comment section below what do you prefer a   brush or beauty blender .

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