Top 10 songs you must listen to

Music is some thing which can connect you to god and at the same time it can also buildup the connection between two people . 

Listening to music can reduce the level of stress and can lift up your mood in seconds and you  should always start your day by listening to your favourit songs .

 It can really make your day energetic and full of life while there are so many different genera of music but it depends on moods and situations that which type of music you want to hear and also which genera of music you are into , I personally like to listen different type of music and it totally depends on my mood .

   The best thing about music is that you can enjoy it even if you are single no one is gonna say that for listening romantic songs you need a partner or something I really don't know that why ? 

 I love to listen to music even when I feel like talking to no one and do nothing but just listen to music even in the lowest points of my life , it just makes me happy , cheerful and joyful .

 Over a period of time if you listen to songs you I think you also kind of start singing along and if you keep practicing than you surly can be a good singer .

 Now a days there are different types of music but the sad part is that some of the songs and there lireics are just meaning less but still they are trending songs and we often listen to them to be honest I also listen to all the songs which are trending in bollywood but I must say that old is gold .

No matter how much I listen to new songs , but some of the old songs are irreplaceable and  can never be removed from my playlist .

 The songs in  90's were just so much more meaningful and decent that they could be a played infront of your family members but the songs now can just be  played with your spouse or your friends and thats it because songs these days are just meant for party's and just for fun and I don't see any harm in it I love the songs of this generation too so for me it is like a hobby I do enjoy listening to songs and  versetile songs now coming to some of the most popular songs here is list of songs which you must listen to and if you already  love them thats just awesome so check them out also if you want some more  content to read do check my previous blogs and share this article with your friends and family and don't forget to spread love , songs and humanity . 

1) kabhi Yaadon mein ( Divya khosla kumar | Arijit singh , Palak Muchhal )
   Image result for copyright free image of song kabhi yaadon mein aao             

2) Pyar manga h tumhise
Image result for copyright free images of pyar manga hai tumhi se

3) Najar na lag jaaye jaanu 
Image result for copyright free image of najar na lag jaaye jaanu

4) Humnava 
Image result for copyright free image of humnava

5) Meet 
Image result for copyright free image of tu hi mera meet h

6) O Soniye 
Image result for copyright free image of O soniye

7) Tose Naina 

8) Tu Hi Hai 
Image result for copyright free image of tu hi h

9) Chale Aana 
Image result for copyright free images chale aana

10) Duaa
Image result for copyright free image of duaa song

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