How to choose foundation for beginners/ 5 best foundation

    How to choose  foundation for beginners

A big hello! To all the beautiful girls who are in the search of right foundations for base makeup dear ladies , you are at a right place and I hope that this article is helpful  for you .  
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One thing to keep in your head very clear is that makeup is no magic , rather makeup is an art and to do any kind of painting or art you need a clean canvas to work with . 

The same rule applies with makeup as well . If you want to look good in makeup and want a smooth application of of makeup on your face , than you need to have a clean face to work with and by clean I do not mean a blemish free and spotless skin , but you need to have a nice groomed and bump free clean , exfoliated , moisturized and preped skin to work with .. 

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ok  so first lets get to the introduction of this amazing product

1) What is foundation ? 

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 Foundation means base , which is the very first step after you are done with your skin prep and primer , is the first layer of makeup on your skin which is meant to even your skin tone , so that your face looks toned and minor imperfections can be hidden with this product .

 You must choose the foundation depending on the coverage your skin needs . If you have a lot of Imperfections than it would be great for you to opt a foundation which has a lot of coverage to it . 

So that your blemishes and spots can be minimized up to a great extent . And you don't end up using a lot of concealer as a second layer to hide those left over blemishes which are still peeking through your skin . 

2) What to apply before foundation ?
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Now the ques comes , what should we apply on our face before we apply foundation ? and the answer to this ques is 1) moisturizer , 2) primer,   respectively . 

In simple words first you apply a moisturizer on face than follow it up with a good quality primer . What kind of primer you use depends on the type of skin you have , and the issues your skin is dealing with .

 Basically there are two kinds of primer , a pore filling primer which is meant for people with mostly oily skin and large pores to smooth out the surface of the skin , the second type of primer is more of a hydrating primer which is meant to combat any sort of dry patches on your face and act as a glue for the foundation to stick on to . 

3) Should you wash your face before you apply any makeup on your face ?
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Yes, it is extremely important for you to wash your face before you apply any makeup on your face or any foundation . 

Not only washing your face is enough you should try to deep cleanse your skin and pores so that when you apply your makeup it does not react with your dead skin cells and cause you a breakout and right after a throw cleanse skin prep is very Important for the flawless base . 

4) Is exfoliation important to make your foundation look good ?

Yes exfoliation is really important because it helps the makeup to sit on face very smoothly and helps in avoiding cakey makeup so that your base looks flawless .

How to choose  foundation for beginners

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  Oily skin            _            matte foundation 
   Normal skin      _           matte / dewy foundation 

   Dry skin            _           dewy foundation 

5 best foundations available in India 

1) Maybelline new york super stay full coverage foundation 


2) Lakme absolute mattreal skin natural mousse foundation

3) Maybelline fit me , matte + poreless foundation 

4) WetnWild megacushion foundation 

5) Faces ultime pro second skin foundation 

There are numbers of foundations available in the market some times it become really difficult for us to choose one from them and that is why is really becomes important for the consumer to have the right amount of knowledge because why not to get the best product out there if you  are burning a hole in your pocket. so the basic thing to keep in mind while you buy a foundation is that the foundation shade it should match your skin tone perfectly .

How to know what is your skin tone and which foundation matches you perfectly ?
 So whenever you are planning to buy a foundation make sure that you go to a store swatch the shades which are closest to your skin tone near your jawline go out in a day light and take a mirror and than see in the mirror in the day light if that shade matches you perfectly that buy it . I hope this information was helpful for you byee....... 

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