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Yes , that is absolutely true you can have a clear and pimple free skin just with the help of Neem leaves , I  know it for a reason , because I have suffered from acne ,pimples and scars which are left behind. There are so many Neem leaves benefits .

 As we all know that neem leaves benefits is proved to be a boon for all skin related issues and also you can just make a paste of Neem leaves on its own ,Yes you heard it right, .: ) What you require is just some neem leaves which are fresh . This one magical plant can give you that flawless skin which is better than any sort of chemical peel and also in longer run its not going to have any side effects on your skin . 

The first thought in your mind must be that you can just buy a good face wash which contains some actives and you are sorted .But let me tell you one thing very clearly  that you never know what is your skin going to react to it , and secondly what if you have a sensitive skin which easily reacts to just every thing ,  you put on your face ?  

Ok lets just assume that you even don't have sensitive skin lets assume that  your skin type is just normal but do you know that these chemical peels in longer run , they don't  do much good to your skin because be logical yrr they are just peeling the top surface of your skin which also interfere with the natural barrier of your skin I really don't think that there is any point of using these chemical on your face daily . Now that I have already told you that why neem leaves are good for pimples now lets have a look how I like to use it.


:)Neem leaves (fresh plucked form neem tree or neem powder of any brand you trust)
:)water 💧 /rose water
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Take some neem leaves from the tree wash it properly grind it in a blender add a little bit of water and apply it only on active pimple . Remember to apply it only on active pimple and that's it. Do it regularly for 5 days apply this over night and see the results .

Effects of Neem leaves in points 

1) Effective remedy for pimples .

2) Works as a great toner to reduce inflammation .

3) Neem has a lot of health benefits as well . 

4) Neem leaves can be used as a face pack .

5) Drinking the water of boiled neem leaves can work wonders for you skin . 

6) Neem has a lot of antibacterial properties to it .

7) Neem is really good for your heart . 

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