Before bed habits / 5 thing to you must do before going to bed

Heya , How are you?  I hope good , so basically why am I writing this article ? Is because I am some one who always struggle to have a quality sleep at night . That's because of many factors , like having a day nap or just not doing anything and lying all the day on my sofa , disturbed eating pattern and surfing internet late night is also the reason behind my disturbed sleeping pattern. All of these factors are not only disturbing my sleeping pattern , or the quality of sleep I get , but also these are just making me so unfit from inside and I know it for sure , that even if I am not suffering that much right now  but these will continue to affect my health in longer run. If not paid attention these are all causes of insomnia.
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     Getting a quality sleep is not only important for overall health , but if you want to look your best you have to sleep enough to look fresh , energetic and young . Oh by the way do you know how much important sleep is for you if you want to look young. Yes I am not joking guys , it is proven fact that if you don't get enough sleep you will start suffering from premature ageing. The truth here is that if you really have a disturbed sleeping pattern than that is the sole and the most important reason....... of wrinkles , fine lines and puffiness around your eyes , those scary dark circles and a lot more , which I don't even know .

                      The problems are  so many but the solution to all those problems is only one. That is sleeping and not only sleeping , but having enough sleep of at least 6 to 8 hours . The most important thing here is that you should always sleep  during night and not during day . It is because if you sleep at night there is going to be no noise which is going to disturb you . Also if you sleep at night and get up early your mom will be happy and she is going to love you .

                                                                                          You will have extra hours to do all the stuff  you want to do .  And getting up early in the morning will help you get out the toxins form your body as soon as they form . If you know  what I mean ,....and till now if you are not getting it  , I will directly tell you that , if you get up early in the morning and go  to washroom after drinking a lots of water than you will be able to clean your body by flushing out all the waste  material in the form of stool and you now you can have your breakfast .  Do what ever you want it may be study , office , schooling , working out doors etc .
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  I just cannot get over  on how important night sleep is for you , and if you just religiously sleep for 8 hours most of your health issues  will just be gone . Not only health issues but your skin problems will also disappear . If you take adequate amount of sleep and drink enough water . Why is sleep so important ? Is because during sleep your body repairs itself all the damage which has been done to your body in the day time during performing several activities or you can  say physical activities is repaired during your sleep hours , which will prepare you for the next day and many more new challenges in life . While you are sleeping your body is taking rest and is very relaxed not only your body  repairs itself but also your skin and your tissues are also repaired and  every time you sleep your skin rejuvenates , repairs and gets much more healthier and happier.

                                                                                                The fun part is that have you ever noticed that after you wake up you are a bit taller than the rest of the day, is because you are full of energy .So obviously if you want to look good and stay healthy in longer run you must be taking care of your sleeping hours .

                      Now the question here is that how to get a quality sleep in the era of social media and internet ? So where on one hand being social is really important for you on the other hand having a good quality sleep is also really important for you . If you want to be fit and healthy and maintain your self confidence and a nice positive personality and if you want to get one just keep up with me here ,...... because now I am going to tell you that if you want to have a good quality sleep what are the steps you should follow .

 1) Do not take heavy meals before going to bed               

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   So in order to have a good sleep or sleep well first of all you need to have a light meal before going to bed at night . Now having a light meal is really important when it comes to night sleep it is because during sleep you are not doing any sort of physical activity and that is why you will have to ensure that you are having a light dinner for a better sleep and more comfort during your sleeping hours. And if you have a heavy meal please do walk for some time before going to bed this way you will also be able to sleep better even if you have had a little extra desert or main course because , you know we are humans and no matter how much we try to control but some time the hunger devil comes out even in the night time but you should always do put a little extra effort to be fit and sleep better .

         I personaly have heard many doctors saying that they suggest all their patients to not to go heavy dinner and I myself am not comfortable whenever I go heavy on dinner so yes you should try to keep dinner as light and simple as possible .

  2)  Avoid mid day naps                               

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     It is always said that you should avoid day naps until unless it is really important because if you sleep in afternoon than you will surly face so many problems in having a good quality sleep at night because of the nap you have already had during the day time , so try to work during the day and sleep in night for at lest 8 hours .

  3) Drink a glass of milk before going to bed     

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   Drinking a glass of milk will also help you in having a better sleep during the night time . I personally think that when ever I do not drink milk at night I do not  get that something which is required by my body so It is kinna true that having a glass of milk will make you fall asleep better .

4) Do physical activities in day time           

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  Being physically active during the day will obviously make you tired and your body will be fully exhausted and would be perfectly ready to go to bed and sleep better also the best kind of sleep is when you are extremely tired and want to go to bed and sleep like a small baby .

5) Take a shower before bed

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Take a shower or just wash your face it will not only improve the quality of your sleep but it is extremely important for each and every one to get clean before going to bed so that you can have a hygienic and comfortable nap also be clean and healthy at the same time .

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