Clay which can shrink your pores


Hello guys In this article I am going to talk about a clay which has worked wonder on my skin . Up to a great extent it has also worked in shrinking my large open pores and it has also worked on my acne . 

The clay which I am talking about is kaolin clay this clay is a really gentle one out there it is usually  for sensitive and dry skin so this clay does not make your face very dry or something . 

The best part about this clay is that it absorbs the excess oil from your face but at the same time it also  hydrates  the face .

 I really love the feeling of this clay on my face and the fact that it does not dry out my face makes it easier and comfortable for me to apply it on my face on a regular basis .

                                                                                                                                           There are so many types of clay in the market so you can choose according to your choice . But the one which I have used and I really like is this one from Bio Organic you can also give this a try or you can buy from other brands as well .

 Do give it a try and comment down iif you like it or not share this with your friends and family

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