Do you know oily skin has so many benefits


Heya everyone most of us have have suffered from acne during teenage or may be adult hood and we mostly associate oily skin with pimples though acne can happen to anyone but often it is seen that oily skin people are more prone to have acne I am some body who suffers from acne every now and than which mostly does not work in my favour but still there are so many benefits of having a oily skin which you will be amazed to know and this will obviously work in your favour .

 Before getting into details first of all lets see why do we have oily skin . So when the sebaceous gland of the body start to produce more amount of sebum that's when the skin gets oily due to sebum production and if these oils are mixed with dirt and dead cells it leads to skin issues . 

                                                                                     But now lets see it from a positive point of view even after so many cons oily skin has its own benefits . It's just works like every coin has two sides so now you need not to always worry or take tension just look at these points and enjoy .

1) Your skin shines all day long
Image result for copy right free image of your skin shines all day lon

2) Oily skin people age slower than other skin types
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3) You don't need moisturizer every now and than
Image result for copyright free image of you don't need moisturizer

4) Winters are easy for you
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5) You don't have to deal with dry patches all over your face
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6) You have a natural glow on your face
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7) Most facewashes are meant for your skin
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August 23, 2020 at 5:49 AM ×

I have oily skin and I hated it because of the acne but I didn’t know it helped in aging.

Congrats bro Johana you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...