How to get a perfect figure

          How to get in shape

There are so many tips and tricks on the internet to get in shape and perfect figure . which if you follow religiously are going to work wonders but there is no such thing which will work over night the only key to get in shape is to be consistent with what you are doing . 

No matter what but you should stick to it always follow up your routine with a strict diet and lots of  water . 

                                                                                                                               perfect shape is something which every one admires for not only you look good and attractive but also in longer run it keeps you active and healthy . 

while the best way to keep your body in shape is a rigorous workout session but if you want to keep it simple yet effective you must read this article till the end .

 In my previous blogs also I have shared so many tips and tricks to keep your self active and healthy and in most of them I have already talked so much about yoga , running and walking but my all time favourit is to drink warm water before and after any thing you do like workout or even after meals .

below are some some very useful and help full tricks to ensure  that you get the most of your workout and effort you put to get in shape .

1) Squads are must if you want to have a perfect and toned thigh

What is that one thing you get attracted to the most in some ones body , if you are thinking thighs , yes you are absolutely correct .

 A very nice and toned thigh could be a  big turn on for many and that is why I suggest you to invest your 10 to 15 mins a day in Squads , which would be a perfect exercise for you to get that toned and slim thigh , without spending a whole lot of money in those Gym sessions and still struggling to get in shape .

 So its perfect time to turn on that music and start doing those squads . 

      Now comes a problem that , what if you don't know how to do squads . The solution to this problem is really simple that is you tube , if you are new  to squads than just go and watch some videos on you tube .

 There are tones of videos which are uploaded on you tube of how to do squads at home . And the timing depends on you but one thing which you need to keep in mind is when ever you are doing squads or for that matter any sort of exercise your stomach must not be heavy , yes you should be doing exercises empty stomach . 

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2) Planks are a saviour if belly fat is your problem

Doing planks are a must if you want to reduce your belly fat . Not only this is great option to consider for an exercise but planks works like some miracle in reducing belly fat and also those ridiculous  tires . 

Now if you want to do this exercise , you must do this one empty stomach in the morning after you are done with your wash room session . 

Doing exercise is not a big task but doing it , in a proper manner could be a task for some people , only do all these exercise after you are done with all the proper research and take all the precaution which are necessary in order to get the best results .

Planks are a little bit tricky exercise to do when compared to other physical activities , but these also give the results faster in comparison to others activities . 

One important thing to keep in mind is , if you start facing some problem after doing planks for the first time that's normal but if the uneasiness , stomachache and some sort of pain continues to be there more than 4 days immediately stop doing it and consult a doctor if needed .  

3) Exercise is a must have in your daily routine

Exercise is a must have in any one's daily routine or at least 3 days a week . This will not only keep you in shape but will also make you more productive for the rest of your day . 

When you exercise the blood flow in the body increases and this flow of blood is known as blood circulation . Which is responsible for the major as well as minor activities of the body. 

If the blood circulation is not proper in your body , you will feel lazy and tired through out the day , for no specific reason your mood will be off , a feeling of physical and mental exertion is always there no matter how much healthy food you eat , so now you know why is blood circulation so important  . 

Some times we keep sitting in the same position for longer period of time , trust me that's the worst thing you can do to your self . Sitting for longer period of time could be harmful .

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4) Drinking water will help you a lot

Drinking a lots of water is not only beneficial for your digestive system but this also helps to reduce excess weight . 

If you don't trust me go ask a doctor and do your research , sooner or later you will come to the same conclusion that drinking a tons of water is really help full in reducing that excess weight which you  have . 

Also water helps your body in many ways like , your skin issues , your digestion , headache , those migraine and mostly all the problems which your body faces in your day to day life is due to lack of water content in your body . 

So if you want all those things to function properly try drinking at least 2 to 3 liters of water daily . This will help your body to flush all the toxin out . You will also start feeling much better once you start doing these . 

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5) Weight lifting can do a great work doesn't matter you are too thin or thik 

Some people think that weight lifting is not meant for skinny people but , the truth is kind of opposite of this .

 Actually weight lifting can do a really work for strengthening your muscles and also this will burn all that extra fat which you have pilled up due to your careless routine .

 And one truth yet to be told is that girls can also do weight  lifting sessions without any hesitation because gender is not a problem if you want to do any type of exercise . 

Some girls and women think that doing weight lifting exercises will build up their muscles like a man , which such a big myth and incorrect information and if are a girl reading this article who has similar thoughts about weight lifting than girl , its high time  to stop  having any second thought about it and just go for weight lifting and strengthen your body . 
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6) Pull ups are great to get that perfect and desired shape

Pull ups are a form of exercise which is very intense and pull ups can take your fitness to another level . 

I would never recommend pull ups if you are not so use to exercise on a regular basis but would highly recommend you to do it if you do exercise on a regularly or daily basis and want to try something new . 

Though the truth is also that , when you first start doing that it will take you some time to get used to it but once you do it for quite sometime there is no going back . 

You will start seeing the results in sometime and this will also buildup your stamina upto a great extent . But also One thing to keep in mind is that , If you feel any sort of uneasiness more than 3 days than just stop doing it immediately and try to consult a doctor .

 You can find so many videos on youtube of pull ups and just in some days you will start to notice  great results .  

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7) Be patient and consistent with all of it

This is the last but surly not the least point . Guys no matter how much effort you put in your exercise and diet routine but all the effort will be paid off only once you start to do all of it regularly and continuously . 

Because the inconsistency makes every thing for you so much difficult and also its very hard for you to bounce back to it again . 

Now to be honest it is really difficult in starting because if you are not used to exercise that 2 to 3 days your body will suffer from a lot of pain and tiredness but after that things will come back to normal , you should be only worried in case you are suffering from any pain and uncomfortable situation more than 4 days .

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