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If you are tired of negativity at your home because of daily fights than doing these things will surly  keep you and your house members happy .

1) Strike a balance 

The most important rule to a happy family is to strike a balance between your personal and professional life all together . Just by taking this one step is going to change the whole game for you .You should never take  your work home . Do the work at work place and come home with a free and cool mind . Because it is possible that the person in the house is already in the bad mood , so if you come home with a disturbed mind , than the possibility of disagreement between you and your family members increases , be it your spouse ,your mother , your father , your siblings or  whom so ever . In this case sometimes the situation gets heat up in a moment and these things lead to conflicts between  you and your family members . So it is better to avoid these types of situations and for that you surly need to have a balance in your personal and professional life for the sake of peace of mind . Always listen to the person and their point of view never to hyper  on someone just because you have had a bad day . If in case you are very angry than it is better to not to talk to anyone and just sit and relax try to think about all the good stuff happened throughout the day and do meditation this will calm you and your mind and also it will relive your stress.

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2) Prepare a budget 

The key to a happy , positive and stress free family is preparing a budget in the starting of the month and maintaining it through out the month . It is really important and necessary to implement the budget you have planed and never ever to stretch your budget because if you do it once you will surly loose the interest in maintaining it and this way you will end up with no savings at all 
so in any case no matter what try to stick to your budget as much as you can the important point here is to always consider your needs but do not consider your greed this means cutting out all the unnecessary stuff which you do not need but you just buy it to please your self some luxurious things which we buy are a great example for this . Like an i phone is the one which I can think of right now I am not saying that it is useless but until and unless you don't need it professionally I don't think you need to spend on a mobile phone that much . There are certain things which we do not need like expensive cars , phones , tablets , laptops , so many clothes etc but we often buy them just to show off others the harsh truth about today's generation is that we buy things not for the fulfillment of our needs but for the fulfillment of our greed .

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3) Keep your house clean

Looks are the most important basis on which we judge people often that is exactly how it works every where no one likes to be in a messy place where every thing is dis-organised and it is also said that keeping your house clean is a sign of healthy and happy home , prosperity comes in a clean and positive place and god also likes to visit those houses which are properly clean and organised and well maintained . You should clean your bath room more often because it is the place where you go daily and many times a day so it needs to be hygienic and well cleansed this way you will avoid infections and all other diseases which can cause serious harm to your health . Also you should clean and organize your wardrobe your room kitchen balcony and whole house you should take bath daily and clean your  cloths  regularly this will not only keep you physically clean and active but also mentally clean and happy .

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4) Get up early in the morning

Getting up early in the morning is going to change your life for better , all the success full people in this entire world get up early and go to bed early , if you get up early in the morning than you are obviously going to have a lot of time to do the work you want to do and you can pre-plan every thing in advance this way you will save a lot of time and you can enjoy with your family have some happy hours and also you can do chit chat with your near and dear ones which you have other wise have slept and wasted . Early risers are most likely to be success full in their life and if you are a student you must get up early in the morning so that you can learn those difficult lessons because if you study in the morning it will remain in your mind for ever . Not only students but also if you are a office going person you must  get up early and prepare your self for the office and prepare your presentation and what ever you have to , you must exercise in the morning to be active and feel active through out your day .

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5) Respect everyone 

Respect is something which needs to be present in every kind of relationship your weather it is your family member or your spouse or may be your office colleagues just by respecting everyone around you you can build a relationship with his worth fighting for. Respecting is the most important key to achieve any kind of relationship goal . And also so you really need to respect your spouse in order to maintain a healthy relationship for the longer period of time , if you don't do that it will lead to conflicts between you two and the situation can get worse , so in my opinion respect is really important for each and everyone , and also everyone deserves it . As it is said that give respect to take respect that is exactly true if you want to be respected you need to respect the person in front of you . One thing to keep in mind is that you should never take someone for granted just because they are good to you all the time it doesn't mean they are are going to be as same always you never know when they just get fed up of your behaviour and start to ignore you .

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6) Be positive

Being positive is the most important key when it comes to happy house . So you should always be positive in each and every situation and never let the situation overpower you always staying positive is a sign of strength and this can make your surroundings positive as well . Also  never to lose hope in the worst situation because the best comes after the worst , like the day comes after the night . Staying positive is hard sometimes but is worth , I myself have many time experienced that being positive can influence each and everyone around you and can make a difference in your life . Always say I can , never to say that I cannot , do this and do that . This is the sign of being positive never to get afraid of any situation and  rather try to be positive and face the situations with courage and positivity this way you can face the challenges of life very easily . This will prepare you for the the future challenges of life no matter what happens there is a reason behind that and everything happens for a reason . So positivity can play a very e massive role in your success or failure . Never to stop trying , and never to give up on something which you really want . Always stay positive and you will get it . Positivity also means being consistent with each and every thing you do . If you want a happy house you need to be positive and you also need to be consistent with what you are doing to make your house happy your home happy and your family members happy . Also never too get disappointed by the situation and always keep on trying and being positive because failures are the steps to success.

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7) Encouragement and appericiation is must

If you want a happy and peaceful environment in your house you must encourage the people in your house and must appreciate them at least twice a day . This is because when you encourage someone to do something and you appreciate them in any way , they are so motivated and motivation is only the key to get success in any field. And if everyone has a successful life in your home then obviously it is going to be happy and nice and positive house . Appreciating someone not only makes them happy but also it makes you happy in person , Always try to encourage the kids in your house to do better in their schooling or whatever they want to do . Keep motivating them , keep encouraging them and , keep appreciating them . Even if they do not get good marks they will make their career in some other other way when the right time will come . Because marks never decide anyone's destiny , I have seen so many people who has secured so good marks but still they are not able to make it bigger in life, I have seen so many people who have been average in their studies , but still they are successful entrepreneurs and engineers and doctors just because their parents and the people around them appreciated and encourage them in a positive way . This is a very good sign of a happy and nice home so if you want to keep your house happy always encourage and appreciate the people and the family members in your house also the kids or your spouse just anyone around you.

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