Navratri festival

Just the idea of festivals excite me a lot and the navratri festival just passed two days ago and I was super busy during this festival as according  to the hindu dharma this is the a 9 days festival during which most people have to follow fasting ritual and it is said that in these days  goddess Durga who was created for slaying the buffalo demon Mahisasura is also known as sakti or devi  . She is very powerfull and when gets happy with people who worship her  gives blessings and boons to the people who worship her also known as her( Bhakath  ) .

Basically most of the hindus believe in these values and I my self too believe in god and goddess Durga is my most favourit goddess in which I strongly believe  and have faith in her .So this navratri was as usual very special  for me and I was damn busy in preparation and all sort of things . The puja(worshiping )  is the main part of this festival basically two times puja is compulsory if you keep fasting and all of this followed by prasad ( fruits and curd given to every one after puja )
                                                                                                                                     So a very happy navrratri to every one may durga maa bless each and every one of you may you get what ever you want and be happy stay blessed enjoy have a lots of fun eat sweets do garba and have fun byeeee tc

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