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Top 7  tips for glowing skin 

Hey how are you all , I hope good , and if not than here is some thing by having which you will obviously be much more happier and that is a healthy and glowing skin . I know that it may sound easy but surly it is not that easy to maintain the quality of your skin . Today I am going to share some tips which can work wonder for your skin . If you wanna know more continue reading ........ 

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The main aim should be to have a healthy , glowing and a groomed skin which can breathe . I love to pamper my skin and want to maintain youthful glow .
Obviously aging is a natural phenomenon but one can slow down the process . One point to be noted here is that I am not going to share any products which will reduce your acne . I think if you suffer from acne you must go to a Dermatologist and I am not a Dermatologist for sure . 

 I am not vouching  for the fact that it is going to work surly for you because everything reacts differently on different skin type .  So if you using a new product suggested by anyone you should obviously do a patch test .   

 Now that you better know what to expect from the tips which I am gonna talk about lets jut jump right into the tips .

1) Face yoga 

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Face yoga is the best thing one can do , there are multiple benefits and at the same time it has no side effects .  It can be done at any time of the day no matter where you are .

Is  not only good for glowing skin but helps in many more ways like signs of ageing can be reduced up to a great extent , fine lines, wrinkles and face fat can be kept at bay .

Practicing this help's in the maintenance of elasticity and firmness of the face , also helps to maintain the youthfulness of face for a longer period of time . 

 Provides skin elasticity and keeps it toned .Personally I have been doing it and it had work for me .

2) facial serum is worth giving a try

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Add a serum into your skin care routine to get a glowing skin .Personally I have oily skin , so I like to keep my skin care routine a bit simple and easy .

 I don't like heavy moisturizers which makes it much more oily , serum is my best friend because it does not make my face oily and also gives ample amount of moisture to my face . 

Serums are lighter than the moisturizer and also gets absorbs in the skin very quickly . I like to use a serum instead of moisturizers in my night time skin care routine and under my makeup so that my skin is hydrated through out the day .

 If you have a dry skin do  moisturize after using serum , so you get ample amount of moisture . 

Now  what kind of serums should be used ?

 You can use a vitamin c serum for brightness .

Tea tree infused serum to reduce inflammation .

Green tea infused serum to again acne and inflammation .

hyaluronic acid infused serum for glow .

Most of alchol free serum are hydrating .
There are so many serums available in the market these days you can get from the brand you trust the most . I highly recommend you to opt for a good quality serum because cheap and affordable stuff mostly doesn't work . 

3) Drink water 

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If you want a healthy and glowing skin you must drink a lots of water .It is the only factor which is responsible for the health of your skin.

 If you drink enough amount of water required by your body your will obviously have a glowing skin and your body parts will function properly

. You should at least drink 6 to 7 glass of water daily this will flush out the toxins from your body and give you a Radiant and glowing skin .

You need to be consistent with drinking water always drink water after 45 minutes of having a meal and before half an hour having a meal .This way it will Boost Your metabolism and you will have a great skin too. 

 Drinking water has a lots of benefit it not only keeps your skin hydrated but also keeps you active throughout the day . I just cannot stop raving about the benefits of drinking water and it is a must must if you want to have a glowing skin .

4) Exfoliation is the key 

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The saddest part is that we don't  realize how much damage is done due to that pollution and dead cells sitting on our face mixed with oils of our face , this leads to clogging of pores which  leads to breakout .

Exfoliating is the key to have a glowing skin also  ,  it keeps blackheads and whiteheads at bay. By exfoliating regularly your pores tend to appear a lot smaller when there is no gunk left  inside your pores. 

There are  different types or forms  of exfoliation like physical exfoliation and chemical exfoliation .Physical exfoliation basically have physical Scrub particles in them so you need to work it on your skin apply the Scrub in a circular motion on your face rub it on your face for 15 minutes, two times every week depending on what type of your skin is this is called physical exfoliation 

.But what I prefer is chemical exfoliation , because chemical exfoliation is is much more better than physical exfoliation especially for people who suffer from acne or active acne on their face chemical exfoliation have no particles in it what it does is basically it peels of the skin in a very mild and gentle way some of the chemical exfoliants are glycolic acid salicylic acid which  you can use in the form of toners or face wash. 

5) facial oils can do the trick 

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The best thing ever you can do to get a glowing face is by adding a facial oil to your skin care routine.

 You can also wash your face with face wash and then apply a facial oil in the night time before going to bed .This will make sure that the next morning when you wake up you have a glowing and plumbed skin .

Your skin tends to repair in the night time when you sleep and if you apply facial oil in the night time it is best suitable for your skin . 

If you have a dry skin then facial oil is a boon for you .But if you have oily skin then also you can add facial oil into your routine, like tea tree oil , grape seed oil . But if you have a dry skin you must go with oils which are heavier with moisturizing properties. Like Lavender oil ,jojoba oil and many more types of oil are available in the market which have greet moisturizing properties and are good for dry skin .

You can try any types of facial oil which are light on your face and one thing to keep in mind is that it must not break you out. If it does break you out than immediately stop using it. 

6) face masking is a must 

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Face masking is an excellent way of getting rid of tired and dull face so if you have a very dehydrated and dull face you should always opt for face masking which is also hydrating. 

 Add some facial oils in your face pack and apply it this way pores will be cleaned out , all the gank inside your pores will come out and you will be left with glowing skin . 

 I love face masks which are homemade but I also like face mask which are of good quality brands like 

Mama Earth face mask is a good one , there are so many different brands available for face masking like -M caffeine, Tony moly face mask , Innisfree face mask , Glam and glow face mask , L'oreal face mask ,Plum green tea clear face mask , Goddess skin clay mask . 

  The best thing about face masking is is that it not only gives a glow it also absorbs excess oil from your face  I love face masking every two times a week. You can also do that three times a week or two times a week depending on what type of skin you have. 

7) Detox your face 

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Wanna have a glow ? detoxifying is a must . 

Indulge in a detoxing skin care routine or add a detoxing toner in your skincare routine which will do the job and helps further products to penetrate into the deepest layer of your skin . 

Detoxifying toner helps to fight free radicals and keeps inflammation at bay . 

Comment below which one is your favourite ...

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