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Loreal infallible fresh wear 24hr foundation Review

Hello guys , so if you want to know that is this foundation worth  your money or not you have come to the right place , as we all know that loreal is a huge brand and it is trusted by many and to be honest most of loreal products are really worth every pinny .

Now coming back to this particular foundation , it is my recent discovery and I have also kept this particular foundation in the list of my top favorite foundation of 2019 which if you want to read click here  ..

Loreal infallible fresh wear foundation is available in 11 different shades in India  .

 Which is ok but I really would like to see  more different shades from the brand . 

Now coming to the consistency of the product it has a liquidity consistency which is quite thick , it is a medium to buildable full coverage foundation .

This  is good to hide any sort of acne scarring and pigmentation , this foundation is also non-comedogenic which is why its non gonna clog your pores .

 It is quite light weight in texture  , its dermatologically tested , its water proof and also transfer proof , its also perfect for brush application and it would give you a very flawless finish without drying your skin .

I can say this by my personal experience guys it is a really good foundation if you are looking for a great foundation which is in the medium range in drugstore than you can close your eyes and go for this one . 

Also its a dewy foundation just letting you know .

Below are some pros and cons by which you can decide for yourself 


1) It has a buildable full coverage 

2) Non drying formula 

3) Non- comedogenic means its not going to give you pimples

4) Liquidy and lightweight consistency 

5) does not feel heavy or cakey 

6) comes in 11 different shades 

7) feels like your skin but better 

8) It has a really mild and nice fragrance 

9) does not gives flash back 

10) Does not oxidize 

11) Stays up to 16 hrs 


1) Not enough shades for Indian market 

2) Has a little bit of fragrance in case you are sensitive to fragrance 

Image result for copyright free image of loreal freshwear foundation

 Guys and girls always keep one thing in your mind as a consumer you should always be very selective about the shade range of the foundation in order to get a natural and flawless look . 

No matter what , When and how ever difficult it gets but do go to the store always before buying and swatch the foundation on your jawline to get the perfect match for yourself .

 This is the number one rule before you buy any foundation . 

The loreal infallible foundation retails for Rs 1200 but you can always find it on great discounts on Amazon .

Here's a video


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