Never to stop ( Story time )

Hello ! How is your life going ? I know after  this question you must be like dude life sucks  and I am done with it . But let me tell you one thing , you are not the only one with this answer rather most of the people who are aged between 20 to 33 are in the same scenario . 

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Now comes the question why is it so ? And trust me guys even I don't know whats the exact answer for this . But there are number of reasons why one could be stressed out . Stress could be related to your -  finances , love life,  ambition, looks, health,  mental health, career, office, marriage, friends, or even it could be genetic and no matter what you will end up having a lot of negativity around you if you stress a lot.   Basically my stress is related to my career and skin issues which is why I really know what it takes to just get out of it and keep going which is a tough task. 
                                                        I am  someone who has gone through a lot in my life but in some or the other way I was able to manage things in my favor but after my graduation I don't know what happened to me.  I used to feel so negative all the time and even now sometimes I do face it but things have changed.   And how I made things change in my life is today's Topic or you can call it (a story )or (my personal experience) or (a motivation speech)  whatever you want. 

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  Now don't worry because I am not gonna tell you a thousand of stuff and bore you which I guess you not already are , but I will just share One simple thing which you can do and see a hell lot of difference a year from now . 

     The one and only suggestion which I can give you is  - keep going and never to stop yes you should keep walking,  keep dreaming, and most importantly keep moving forward one day you will succeed and achieve what you want .  But if stop by stressing over one thing every single time you will end up in the same situation in which you are today. Now I am gonna tell you what happened with me . So if you want to know how I did it you can continue to read and if you got what I wanna say you can leave the page right here right now.  

 Now I am a Graduate and I graduated last year. After that I was left in a trauma of what to do next , where to go , what job to do , or to just get married and get settle and was having a lot of pressure under which any one would be stressed out . I was bombarded with a lots of questions which were from obviously my parents and relatives that ( ab kya socha h beta aage ka)  what you wanna do next in the future ? Are you  preparing for something?  Have you thought of marriage?  And bla bla. By this time I was so much in depression I can't tell you. My mind just wanted to explode. Inside I was left so alone . I started feeling like I am no one in front of others. A feeling of being useless and good for nothing is something which you can't run away from if you are asked a lot of question about your identity and career at the same time.  

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  Same happened with me and I was really affected by all the jazz going on,  trust  me on this it took me a lot of time and courage to come back to normal and I choose for my self , I made choices and the right type of choices . The choice was to be happy and to keep writing my thoughts,  keep a track of my activities , not to think too much about my skin related issues and the first and foremost  choice was to not get affected by what others say to me or behind my back cause ain't no body cares they just try to shut your dreams down by giving you a deadline of how your life , career,  and everything should look alike . 

  As soon I stopped thinking what others think my skin issues got better now I hardly suffer from acne or zits on my face and I am continuously working on my self. I am moving forward each second and the only thing constant in my life is keep going and keep moving forward if you want more inspiration you can go and watch this movie called (Bahuballi) if you haven't already . Let me know in the comments below what you think about all of it and how you like to cope up with stress. 

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Mrs Maneli
February 25, 2020 at 12:40 PM ×

Thank you for sharing your story. When Im overwhelmed, it helps to step back, get off the grid and recharge. N9 matter what, we have to find a healthy way to keep going

February 28, 2020 at 2:47 AM ×

My pleasure dear, yes we do need to keep going 😊