Want to avoid skin issues than stop looking at your self in the mirror



Do just this one thing to avoid skin issues and you will be amused by the results . Trust me on this and I kid you not  . I have know this fact for years because my mother always keeps saying and still she does say that if you look often in the mirror you will become dull and for some reasons this is kind of true , if you constantly see yourself in mirror you will start to see those imperfections which actually doesn't exist .

 This is because we all are human and we all have flaws .

There is no single person on this earth who is perfect , but it is also true that we all want to be perfect and constantly looking at yourself shows you the room for improvement , which further causes stressful situations like -A small pimple on your forehead makes you so stressed that if you see your self again and again it will cause you more stress and pimples are a product of stress specially on your cheeks .

And now you know what I am trying to explain the stress and pimple theory  both are the example of every action has a equal and opposite reaction  so guys and girls just stop seeing yourself in mirror,  this will give you and your body the time to heel and recover from that would or scare which you already have,  and not the opposite is gonna help but obviously it could make the situation worst for you .

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Amna Ahmad
August 22, 2020 at 3:08 PM ×

It's funny, I don't like to look too closely in the mirror because of these reasons and my skin is decent. Maybe there is something to it afterall!

Congrats bro Amna Ahmad you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...