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hello ! So welcome to another article of mine , today I will be teaching to all the beginners out there that how you can create a nice basic eye shadow on your own and also this look will look awesome on everyone who wants to create a subtle yet stylish look so lets jump right into the eye shadow look .

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If you want your eyes to pop than the number one rule is to keep your lips very neutral this is because of both the eyes and lips have there own separate place  so you always  need to keep one thing in mind that if , both eyes and lips are done together there are chances that they can clash with each other  and might look odd and can be too much . For a nice and clean look this always works that either you can make your eyes look bolder or you can give all the attention to your lips . So if you want a dramatic eye look always opt for a nude lip color some of my favourit nude lip colors are listed below which will suit all kinds of skin tones .

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1 Maybelline nude nuance

2  color bar kiss proof lip satin ( over flow )

3 PAC sweet sensation lip cream ( slay queen )

4 NYX powder Puff cream ( cool intentions )

These were some of my top favourit nude lip colors which I really can pull off at any occasion and at any time of the day and trust me they do look very pretty  with each and every kind  of  look . Now coming back to the main topic which was a beginners eye shadow look ,  is listed down below  so lets get started with eye shadow looks step by step .

1 )  Start with the transition shade on your crease 

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Always start your eye shadow with a transition shade . Just to let you know , a transition shade is a lighter shade , which is applied on the crease of the eyes. This step is to make your eyes ready for the next shade which will be applied on the eye lid . The transition shade should be a lighter shade and it must be close to your natural skin color , so that when you blend the eye shadows , there should be  no harsh lines . Everything must be seamlessly blended and should look like you have a natural shadows going on your eyes . Specially on the crease  the shadows must look like your natural skin tone so that when you apply the next shade or when you deepen up that color the shadows should appear like an ombre effect on the eyes . Don't just apply the shade on your crease also blend the shadow properly . Are you confused about your crease area ? Crease is the part above your eye lid , below the brow bone , when your eyes are wide open the hollow that you see above your lash line is the part which is called crease .

2 )   Build up  the intensity of the color slowly 

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Never to apply too much of the shadow at the starting rather try to slowly blend and build up  the intensity of the shade while creating an eye shadow look . This way you will be able to prevent the mistakes which you usually do . After you are done with the crease now you have to build up the color on the crease slowly and with building you also  need to blend the shadow as well . This way the crease will look more intense and defined as well as , you will get a better color payoff by building up the shadow slowly . The best way to avoid the excess fall out is , by dusting off the excess product every time you go in with the shadow , dust off the excess by lightly taping the brush on any sort of hard surface .
                                           If you own a palette which allows you to build up the color than there are two benefits of it ; the first advantage is that you can create two different  colors out of one shadow , which means a lighter version in one stroke and by building up the color a darker version of the same shadow . The second benefit , when the palette is buildable you have more control on the color payofff and you don't end up looking like a ghost .

3 )  Blend , Blend and Blend cause blending is the key . 

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Creating a gorgeous eye shadow look can only be achieved if , you blend all the shades together  and take your time in blending properly , this will ensure that that there are no harsh lines which could look patchy . Blending with a more fluffy blending brush will give  awesome results . And the key to blend is by swirling  the brush in light circular movements . How to hold the brush is also one really important and tricky thing which you must know , you should always hold the end of the blending brush to blend shadows properly . You can blend the shadows in two motions first one is by swirling the brush and the second one is in windshield wiper motions .

Blending in simple words means diffusing the color into each other , if you have played with two or more colors on your lid than there should be no visible harsh lines , because if there are any than the  eye makeup is gonna look much more made up and trust me no one wants that in any case , that is why we prefer more blended eye shadow . Now I hope you know that ; what is blending and why is it so  important . 

4 ) Give some depth and dimension to the crease if you want 

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After you done with your crease shade and properly blending and building it , now if you want you can deepen up your crease with a similar kind of deep shade or just any shade which is a notch darker than the transition shade . This will provide depth and a really nice contouring effect to the eyes. This step will also help to create an ombre effect on the eyes and make the shadows look more natural and really tied up together .

5 ) Time for the eye lids 

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Now when your crease has been followed up with a transition shade and a bit of depth to it , its time for you to pop some color on your eye lids , it depends on you weather you want to pop on some matte shade or shimmers , metallic , or foiled kind of shade also this might depend on the kind of look you are going  for like - for example , For a night event or a party you can go with more of a glam look so you can pop on some shimmer shade like gold , silver , copper , or black for a smokey look , or if you are going for a day time look it should be more of a neutral kind of shade and a matte burnt orange , cool toned brown , warm toned brown , a light pink or a baby pink shade would also look great in the day time .

6 ) Inner corner is a must 

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If you want you can go with the rest of your makeup , but one really important thing to do is to pop some highlighting on the inner corners to make them look brighter and also this will make your eyes more prominent and big . Now it also depends that what look you are going for cause I won't recommend inner corner highlight for a subtle look , do this only if you are going for a more glam look . It's a really underrated and ignored thing , but can really make a big difference in how the whole look turns out to be .

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So these were some of the tips and tricks which ,  if you follow can change the whole game of your eye shadow . At the end I really hope this article was help full for all of you who are reading this and thank you so much . Do let me know in the comments below what you think , have I missed any of the points or just any thing you want me to try next and do share this article with all your friends and family

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