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Some times things do not go for us as we want them to go , but hey , every one has been there , where each second feels like an hour and trust me guys , its totally ok to feel that way . The problem with this current generation is that we are a little bit short tempered , patience less and lazy ass people , You know they say if its meant to happen it will and I do really believe in the sayings too , not that I am really religious person but I think I kinnda am more drawn towards spiritual side of things . Like see these days coronavirus is getting more and more serious  day  by day . Each week feels like its the end of the lives of all the humans on this earth but I really hope its not . The worst part is that we all do know in advance that what could happen if the situation continues to be the same. I have always wondered in my head that what would happen if the mankind on this earth ended , but now it seems like god is actually showing me that what it would feel like . To be honest now I really feel like going back as if I never thought all of these but you know its not how this goes .

I am a person who has always been ambitious , trust me when I say this that , never have I ever thought of being dependent on some one else other than my father (my hero)  . Who's the one and only one by whom I never have thought twice before asking for money or just any thing , I am someone who has a lot of self respect , when it comes to my finances . Nor that my father is really rich or something but its just something I have always followed and will be following for the rest of my life . God has blessed me with the worlds best parents who are so genuine and humble up to that extent , one can really never think of . I am lucky enough to call myself lucky but the only thing is that , life do comes with a lot of challenges , So no matter how lucky you are , you have to prove your self in some or the other way .

Everyone in my family wants me to have a 9 to 5 job and just get settled with whatever comes in life ,but life also knows me really well that I am just gonna grab what ever comes to my way no matter how hard it is . These days I am really not feeling well that is because I am not Indulged anywhere accept the blogging thing but if you are a blogger you know that , you cannot write every time you sit to write . Some times writers block happens to us and that's when I start to rethink about my profession like if I am meant for it or not etc , all of that goes for may be a day or two and after that I am sorted once again , with a new vibe , energy , enthusiasm , and more dedication , because I know that life is all about bouncing back and not letting things be as they are , sometimes god puts us on the test with a lots of difficult questions and we need to find the answer .

At the end I just wanna say that love your self and your family cause in the end its all what matters the most . If you found this article helpful in any way do share it with your friends and family and you can check my previous blog posts , if you want to read more just about beauty and my stories .

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