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Hello ! As  a makeup lover and a makeup enthusiast I love to try out different products . 

If they do any good to me or make any change in my makeup game , than I love to let you know about that product , but this time its kinna opposite ...basically I am gonna talk about a product which I really do not liked and have try to use it  many times but it just didn't worked atleast for me and by the title you already know , what product I am talking about .


Review of miss claire full coverage makeup concealer 

Now concealers are meant to hide your spots and blemishes which means concealers are more thick in texture and that's totally fine as long as it blends in to your skin but with this one , when ever I use this concealer it just refuses to blend properly into my skin and looks patchy and so much made up as if I have just used a thick layer of makeup on my face . 

Also this one has a creamy in consistency so this is not a ideal product for summers or if you live in a country which is hot and humid through out the year than please don't go for this one . 

So below is detailed point to point review of the concealer ....


1) Coverage of the product 

The coverage of this concealer is quite ok , not too much of a coverage but is also not so sheer in coverage . 

To be honest I am not having the right shade of the concealer which does make a lot of difference to the usage of the product . Also it highlights my dark circles instead of hiding them . 

My under eyes starts to look ashy .

2) Consistency of the concealer 

The consistency of this concealer is very creamy and the texture is very thick and heavy . 

Which makes it really difficult to blend onto your skin in winters in summers its blendable . 

3) Blendable or not 

The answer is straight and clear for me .... No .... this baby just doesn't blend and looks like a cakey layer on your face which melts if not powdered religiously . 

Yes you can't just dust some powder with a fluffy brush and leave , you need a lot of powder since its a cream product and has a very thick texture . 


4) Longevity of the concealer 

It stays upto 3 hrs or so if powdered properly can also stay up 4 hrs . You will need to set it with powder though if you want to make it work .  

5) Availability , Price , Packaging and shades of the product 

The concealer is available online on Nykaa , Amazon , Flipcart and offline on Nykaa showrooms . 
This is not available offline yet and specially is small towns its very hard to find this particular brand . 

The price of this concealer is Rs 250 ,

Comes in a glass jar which is transparent from the bottom and has a black cap over it , the packaging is very sleek , sturdy and travel friendly .

 All the ingredient list is given on the bottom of the jar . The life of the product is around 3 years which is quite a lot .

This concealer comes in total 8 different shades and some of them are also color corrector . Has orange , green and lavender colors in them .

6) Would I recommend this ?

To sum it guys I am not really a fan of this concealer and that could be because of the shade mismatch . 
But somewhere I know that its not the shade but its the texture and formulation of the concealer that I don't really liked .

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