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PAC has a tones of beauty blenders , powder puffs and makeup sponges but today I will be talking about this particular sponge which comes in a pair of two and is called PAC Ultimate beauty blender sponge .

PAC is an Indian brand and all the PAC products offer a really decent and good quality . PAC has stores across India in some cities , as well as these beauty blender sponges are available online on Nykaa and amazon .

PAC is an Indian brand and all the PAC cosmetics products are designed in Korea and  are made in PRC ( People's Republic of china ) . 

The PAC blender comes in a nice plastic box and inside it has a leather pouch in which you get two beauty blenders in different shapes .

Now If you want to know more about , how ? these blenders perform in action , than continue reading .

PAC Ultimate beauty blender Sponge 

I bought The PAC blender during Nykaa's pink Friday sale and , Now when using these blenders
these blenders I think , I could't be happier . Below are some points which will make it more clear ..

1) Quality of the blender 

The blenders feels soft and squishy , after damping it in the water , it becomes larger in size but that's not a problem , almost all the beauty blenders increase in size after damping in water . They don't soak up a lot of product and gives you a really nice , clean and flawless finish . 

The blenders are nor too dense neither too soft in my opinion that's a good thing and may be this is the reason  why they don't soak up a lot of product . The quality of these beauty blenders by PAC is really good and worth your money .

2) Price of the blender 

The PAC beauty blenders retails for Rs 745 and comes in a pair of two . Considering the quality of the product the price point is decent , at least according to me , also you can get it on heavy discount , if you buy it online . 

3) Life of the beauty blender 

This in particular totally depends on the usage of the product . If you are someone who does use sponges daily than this would last you around 6 to 8 months or may be a year . 

4) Packaging of the blender 

I was so amused to see the nice packaging . Not only they provide you with a good and sturdy outer plastic box with the instructions written on it , but inside they also provide you the luxurious leather pouch , which is so easy to carry and you can keep your wet beauty blender inside it , so that the blender can be air dried naturally , without any dust collecting over it which a great idea  .

5) Travel friendly or not 

Due to the leather pouch which comes with this blender , its totally a yea from me , if you want to travel with this particular beauty blender by PAC . The pouch is not gonna break even if you put some weight on it rather it will adjust to the space .

6) Shape of the blenders 

The PAC ultimate beauty blenders comes in a set of two and the shape of both the blenders are different from one another ;

1) One of the blender comes in a common tear drop shape . 
2) The other one has a top flat side and the rest of the blender is in drop shape

7) Powders or liquid which works best with this 

The blenders work equally well with the powders as well as with liquids . There is no problem what so ever while using them even with powders .

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April 21, 2020 at 5:34 AM ×

Sound pretty useful! I need to up my makeup game. I barely wear it, but want to start doing it again.

April 21, 2020 at 8:27 AM ×

Thank you so much for commenting and feedback

April 22, 2020 at 5:53 AM ×

I love using beauty blender sponges with my make up everyday!