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Today's post is all about Sugar cosmetics . Now if you are not familiar  with this brand than let me introduce you to this brand . Sugar cosmetics is an Indian brand which makes a really good quality , non-comedogenic , dermatologically tested and paraben free makeup products . All of their products are free from harmful chemicals and have some skin care stuff to them .. Neither the sugar products are cheap nor are they too expensive but more on the affordable spectrum of the things .

Sugar cosmetics is a cruelty free , Mumbai Based brand hailing from the same house of popular beauty subscription box -fab Bag . Sugar cosmetics has quickly gained the loyalty of customers with their high quality cruelty free products . They have a complete range of makeup ranging from foundations to eye shadows to lip crayons . Still they do not stop experimenting and keep launching and advertising their products . Sugar cosmetics as a brand has been always focusing on their marketing strategy since the beginning of their formation and that's actually a really smart and cleaver move by the brand ..

Now there are some recent launches by sugar cosmetics which are their blush , highlighter and contour sticks. All of them come in a  retractable stick form . I brought the trio a few months back before lockdown  . Tried and tested them so now after using them for a while I kind of have a exact idea of how to use them and are these worth the money or not .

I have formed my opinion on all of these products after using them for a while, its not a first impression . Now the products which I am talking about are all from the Face forward range by Sugar cosmetics . They do have quite a lot of products in this particular range but , in this article I would be only talking about their Blush , Contour and Highlighter Sticks ..  The Review and product description is Divided into 3 parts : )

Below is a detailed review and product description of the Blush Sticks 

1) The blush stick comes in 3 different shades which are : )  Coral Climax( Bright coral ) , Pink Prime( Rose pink ) , Mauve Marvel( Plum ) ..

2) Comes in a retractable stick form .

3) A very smooth , blendable and matte formula .
4) Blends in effortlessly .

5) Perfect pigmentation as well as buildable .

6) Sturdy and sleek packaging .

7) Travel friendly packaging .

8) Priced at Rs 799 . 

9) A good quality product , made in Korea .

10) Contains 7 grams of product . 

As always Sugar has nailed it once again . Glad that I bought it in sale . Have never been into stick and cream blushes before . After these products I have definately made my mind to buy some more products from sugar . Coming to the quality of the blush sticks its amazing , the blush stick looks very luxurious and feels very sturdy . This is a cream blush which turns into a matte finish . Its best to apply the product with your finger . Take some product on you finger tip dab it gently on the cheek and blend it properly . The warmth of your finger will help the product to melt properly into your skin .

My final thoughts about the blush sticks by Sugar cosmetics is that you should definately buy it . If you are eyeing this product from a long time do give it a go ..I highly recommend it .

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Below is the review and product description of the contour Sticks 

1) The contour sticks comes in two shades : ) Fawn first ( Milk chocolate brown ) , Esprosso edge ( Coffee brown )

2) Comes in retractable stick form .

3) Smooth and buttery , its a cream contour but sets into a matte finish .

4) Pigmented and easily blendable doesn't look too harsh on the skin . 

5) Sturdy and sleek packaging .

6) Travel friendly

7) Priced at Rs 799 .

8) Contains 9 grams of product .

9) Made in Korea .

These contour sticks are one of the best of its kind . Sugar being an Indian brand has just made it to the next level . The only concern of mine is the shade range is kind of limited . Would love to see some more shades from them , other wise I am a fan of Sugar cosmetics already .. Highly recommend the contour sticks too from this face forward range .  Only buy if you really need it also once the lockdown is over . 

 Below is the review and product description of highlighter Sticks 

1) Comes in three shades : ) Champagen  champion , Royal rose , Bronze bellwether .

2) This also comes in a retractable stick form .

3) Buttery soft with no glitter chunks in it . Almost feels like glow from with in kinna thing .

4) Can build it up from a subtle to blinding glow .

5) Looks very natural on the skin .

6) Sleek and sturdy packaging .

7) Travel friendly .

8) Made in Korea .

9) Priced at 799 Rs .
10) Contains 7.5 grams of product .

Highly recommend this product too as they give you enough quantity for the price you are paying . I know for some people this might sound a little too pricey but the price of these sugar products is nothing in return to the quality which the brand offers  . Do let me know In the comments section below if you have got your hands on any of these products . Also let me know if you want me try out or review any other product from them or there face forward range . 

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Wow these sounds so great!! Love cruelty free products too. xo J

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Surly they are worth trying .....