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The only thing which I really miss in my life is one particular aim or goal . Now by saying this I do not mean that I have nothing to do OR there is no motive , but I am a Gemini and this particular fact has a lot to do with my career and my goals in general . It is often believed that Gemini's get bored easily and that's absolutely true in my case though , I don't know that its because of me being a Gemini or something else due to which I am not settled yet but something is just not working .

In this situation frustration , mood swings , depression and sadness are common feeling which usually comes in every one's life but the phase or the span of these feelings differ in every individuals life . Now if you really want to get out of all of these fears and live your life than you have to be serious with your life and stop taking yourself so seriously . Yes , Now don't get confused cause taking life seriously and taking your self seriously are two different things . I will explain how and why .

Taking your life seriously means ; getting serious about your goal and the precious time which you have and not taking your parents money for granted . Which you should do and I am trying to do this. Taking yourself seriously means ; caring too much about your image and what others think about you . pleasing others just for the sake of your so called image in their eyes . Which you should not do and I am trying to not do this again and again , cause I have already done it half of my life or more than that, but its better to be late than never . So I am trying my best to be myself from now onwards .

Already there was so much which I could not handle on my own and of sudden one more disgusting thing happened which is this coronavirus . Trust me this pandemic is no joke its so serious and whats going on around the world is bothering me even more . So many lives are at a high risk of infection and so many have already died . But is this the only thing we or as a person I should be thinking off , No right .. hmmmm After a long break and a lot of thoughts I have  finally decided to just stop thinking about whatever is happening and restart my life just like normal because over thinking is not a solution but a trouble for all of you think most of time , rather than thinking you must try to do the thing which you have not done yet .

Let's just face it that if there is more to live , than no matter what virus comes we will survive all of it . If not than no body can save you , by saying this I do not mean that you should not follow the instructions given by the govt , all I want to say is that stop overthinking and worrying about each and every thing happening around you . If news channels make you anxious than stop watching news every single day and try to do mind relaxing activities like dancing in your own space and doing physical activities like yoga and meditation .

Think of this pandemic as a holiday and me time kinnda thing . May be this was all you needed for a refreshment . Think of nature who is recovering itself from all the damage done to the environment due to the air pollution and water pollution . Talking about nature some amusing things are on there way to happen . Yes I know there are so many death cases due to this pandemic but some reports say that 5 million people die every year due to air pollution , which is now being reduced up to a great extent due to lockdown .  Now the air is getting cleaner and fresh because not a lot of vehicle are running on the road and also industries are closed and all of us are locked in our homes. Not only this but the water bodies are also getting cleaner and the water pollution is now in control.

Now in no way I am justifying the deaths or this life threatening virus which has happened to us and to so many countries , but we have to move on from this and need to restart our lives once again . I just hope the situation gets better now and its better to stay at home to save lives.  Just on this note take care and bye hope you liked my article do share it with your friends and family also do comment below , if you have any ques also do check my other blog posts,  if you wanna read about makeup and skin care  .

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