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In today's article I am going to review PAC spotlight ready liquid concealer which is from an Indian brand called PAC cosmetics   .

PAC is an Indian brand and all the PAC products offer a really decent and good quality . 

If you ask me something affordable from PAC cosmetics , its there beauty blenders though they are affordable still the quality of their blenders is really good they soak some amount of product but are very soft and gives a very smooth foundation application  without any patchiness . 

Now coming back to the PAC spotlight ready liquid concealer review .  Below is a detailed review in points , what I feel about these concealers .

1) Coverage of the product 

 These Spotlight ready liquid concealers by PAC cosmetics are a pro in giving you maximum amount of coverage .

 You need to be careful while using these concealers , cause you just need the tiniest amount to hide any dark circles which you might have .

Do not go crazy with them other wise you will end up looking too much made up  .

 The product offers a medium to buildable full coverage . 

2) Consistency of the product

The consistency of the PAC spotlight ready liquid concealer is really liquidity but right after you apply the concealer on your face it sets quickly .

 While applying the concealer make sure you work in sections , otherwise the concealer will sit on one place and it will become difficult for you to blend it properly . 

3) Blend-ability of the concealer in your skin

The concealer has a really matte finish so you need to blend the product fast right after application , otherwise it will settle down on one place . 

But the concealer is really easy to blend in the skin and gives a really nice matte , velvety , silky finish . 

4) Longevity of the product 

The spotlight concealers from PAC has a longevity of minimum of 6 to 8 hours and as I have already told you that these concealers dry up in a matte finish , so once you apply the concealer , it is kinnda budge proof and pretty long lasting .

5) Availability of the product

PAC is available online on  Nykaa and amazon and and offline in PAC stores and Nykaa stores as well . Also all the PAC products are available on PAC's official website . Also there are PAC has stores all across India , where you can get your concealer from .

6) Packaging of product 

The spotlight ready liquid concealer from PAC comes in a frosted glass packaging with a doe foot applicator inside it . 

7) Price factor 

The Concealer retails for INR  Rs- 765 which is a decent price for the quality as well as quantity which is offered by the brand .

8) Shade range of the concealer

The concealer comes in 27 different shades which is quite an amazing step that PAC has taken , usually most of the Indian brands do just 5 to 6 shades of concealer and they think its going to cater all the diverse different Indian skin tones which is quite pathetic but true . 

SO here also PAC cosmetics lead the game by offering 27 different shades which is quite appealing to me . 

9) How does it looks on your skin

Now this one point has a lot to do with your decision making of weather to buy this product or not , cause things do change when you see the you tubers on camera vs when you see the product application in reality on your face it appears quite different . Now let me tell you that this is one concealer which I have come across , which actually looks good on your skin in person . It doesn't look made up until and unless you apply too much of the concealer . But always keep in mind that this product drys up way too fast , so make sure to blend properly as soon as you apply it on your skin  . 

Below are some pros and cons of the PAC spotlight liquid concealer in points 

Pros of Product 

1) Gives medium to buildable full coverage 

2) Offers a matte finish 

3) Doesn't crease for a long period of time 

4) Blends very easily 

5) Lasts upto 7 to 8 hours 

6) Available online and offline as well 

7) Packaging is luxuries and sturdy 

8) Price factor is decent 

9) Quality and quantity of the product are really good 

10) Shade range is very vast , comes in 27 different shades 

11) The product is vegan and PAC is a cruelty free brand 

12) The product Looks good on camera as well as in person .

Cons of the product

1) The product drys up a little too fast 

2) This might be too much on mature skin 

3) Could settle in to your fine lines 

4) Not the ideal product for dry skin people 

Comment down below what do you think and share this , if some one needs to know about this . 

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April 21, 2020 at 10:07 AM ×

The blending ability is really impressive... And has a wide range of shades and it's within budget... Really nice product.

April 21, 2020 at 10:27 AM ×

Yeah ! Thank you for your feedback dear

April 21, 2020 at 10:30 AM ×

For sure it is . They have expanded their shade range from 14 shades to 27 shades now , which is a great deal looking forward to see more shades from the brand..

April 21, 2020 at 10:32 AM ×

Yup , these concealers are really impressive . They hide your dark circles to perfection ..