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Hello ! There is only one thing which can make me happy like no ones business , and that is talking or writing about base products or foundation . Makeup is my passion , my hobby , basically my every thing , you know what I mean right !! In short I really love to write , talk and do makeup . Now foundation is another thing which makes me so happy to look at and even to talk or write about foundations just makes me so so excited and today's post is one of them , So now you know how happy am I .

Now there are a tone of blogs and videos available on the internet,which can some times be overwhelming also miss leading and give you some incorrect information and to be frank , you should be the one deciding about , what should be picked up and what should be left as it is , cause internet is vast platform and every one has the right to comeup with their own tips , tricks and ideas . You should be only going with what works the best for you . Now  if you want to know my approach towards achieving a flawless base step by step in detail than continue reading this article .

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Steps to follow

1) Shave your face with a tinkle eye brow razor or any razor of your choice ( This step is completely optional do it only if you want to do it )

 There are some really important points which you should keep in your mind before shaving you face these points are listed below ...

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1) Never to shave your face in an opposite direction of the hair growth .

2) Shaving should not be  done more than twice a week .

3) If you are shaving for the first time , watch videos on youtube take all the important precautions before doing it .

4) Do not cut yourself while shaving your face .

5) Do not shave your face if you are not ready for it , if you feel nerves or pressured than don't do it . 

6) Do not shave your face if you don't have hair growth on your face .

7) Do not use a men's razor to shave your face .

8) Use a separate razor to  shave your face , not the one you use on you body .

9) Do not use the same razor more than 5 times on your face .

10) Do not to shave on the areas where you have pimples on you face , this could lead to inflammation and rashes on you skin .

11) Use a nice moisturizer after shaving you face . 

12) Follow all the important steps before and after shaving your face which are mentioned in the video you watch to shave your face , I would recommend you to watch Malvika Sitlani's shaving video on youtube .

2) Next step will be scrubbing your face this step will get rid of any dirt and dead skin cells build up on you face 

Many of us think that scrubbing your face is optional , but in reality this is the most important step which you should follow in order have a smooth and  clear canvas for the application of makeup .

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  Now  one very very important thing to be noted is that , you should not scrub your face daily , no matter which skin type you are . 

So what you need to do is that scrub your face twice a week or once a week not more than that . 

3) Moisturizing your face after every wash is important ..  

The key to a flawless base is hydration and ample amount of moisture , not only to dry skin people but also , to those who have oily and combination skin .

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4) Primer is a key for key for making your makeup last long .  

Primer is really important you must be knowing this but , do you know that what kind of primer goes with what kind of foundation ,  literally I didn't know this for a really long time , but thanks to the internet and some of the amusing beauty influencers who introduced me to the different kinds of primer available in the market . Basically there are 2 kinds of primer - 1) hydrating primer , 2) silicon based primer / mattifying primer . Ok now if you know what's the difference between all of them , than that's good for you , but if you are new to primers than , I will give you a short intro of all  of them .

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1) hydrating primer - hydrates your face enough so that the foundation doesn't cling on to you dry patches and increases the longevity of the foundation . You can use a hydrating primer underneath a matte foundation or a dewy foundation but not underneath a silicon based foundation .You can use a water based primer best with water based foundation

2) Silicon based primer / mattifying primer - fill in your pores and makes them appear smaller than actually are . Also gives a smooth surface to work with . You can use a silicon based primer underneath a silicon based foundation .

5) Color correcting / concealing is important if you have dark spots 

What if you apply the right type and shade of foundation , but still can't help with those blemishes peeking through ? 

Here comes the color correcting OR concealing part which can make a huge difference click here if you want to know more about , how to color correct your problematic areas . 

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6) Now comes the foundation part 

It is necessary that you choose the right shade of foundation if you want your makeup to look natural and skin like . 

The trick here is to choose a shade lighter than your actual skin tone , so that when the foundation oxides or react on your skin after some time it will become a shade darker and be a perfect match for you . 

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