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To all my dear audience , a lots of love.  I am back with another foundation review . Now I  am a beauty blogger and I mostly review all the makeup and beauty products , which I have used so far . Its either I like them or don't like and the rest is kind of ok . So if you wanna know my reviews about this particular foundation than please keep on reading ...

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Maybelline fit me matte and pore less foundation review in points 

1) Liquid consistency which turns into a matte finish .

2) Has a soft velvety texture .

3) Lightweight texture doesn't feel heavy on the skin .

4) Has a matte finish to it but doesn't feel over drying .

5) Price is 299 for 18 ml of the product .

6) Does oxidize a little bit not too much .

7) Gives flash back in pictures as well as in person .

8) Comes in 18 different shades in India in 30 ml packaging and only 6 shades are available in 18 ml tube .

9) Its a non-comedogenic foundation .

10) Overall a good quality product which doesn't break me out . 

11) The foundation has Sleek , sturdy and travel friendly packaging .

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 Before any thing else let me tell you that any foundation or a makeup product is not a magic rather its a realistic approach to feel and look your best . Now if you have great skin these products will enhance your beauty to another level , but if you have a trouble some skin like mine than you must need to keep certain things in your mind , the thing is .....  if you don't take care of your skin no matter what makeup you use , it is obviously gonna look cakey layer of foundation mixed with your skins dead cells .. So in order to make your foundation look good and flawless on your skin you must follow certain rules which are basic skin care rules i.e : ) 1 ) cleansing , 2) Toning , 3) Moisturising .
After all these steps you also need a good primer to make your foundation last long . And now lets get to the product description .

Today I will be reviewing a cult favourite product by Maybelline , it is their  maybelline fit me matte and poreless foundation . This one product has been  raved world wide by all the beauty bloggers , Makeup gurus and some of my favourite You tubers have also talked about this product so much that I had to get it .. Now its not a new launch by maybelline neither have I bought it recently . Its been a while since I have this foundation and have also used it quite a lot . But I don't know why I just didn't felt like writing about it . Now that I am thinking It looks kinna weird to me , anyways without  any further ado lets get right into the detailed review ..

The foundation looks something like this as you can see . This is the smaller version of the foundation . Which comes in a tube form and contains 18 ml of the product . Retails for Rs 299 . Now I have used this foundation enough to let you know that what exactly you must expect out of it .
First of all this is as far the best foundation if you are looking a great foundation under the range of Rs 500 . Below are some points which are easy as well as relevent to answer all your quaries about this product in detail ...

Coverage of the foundation 

The foundation gives medium to buildable full coverage . If you want a really sheer coverage than mix a drop of foundation in your moisturisore and you will have the most natural base ever . Now this is a great buildable foundation as long as you don't have a really stubborn scaring issue . I won't say its a very full coverage foundation because it gives a little bit of flash back due to which you don't have the freedom to build it up more than two layers . And hence the coverage is also medium . So if you are in the search of a solid full coverage than don't opt for this foundation . Other wise  this one is a great option to consider . Trust me I do have used this foundation the most in 2019 and I do am using it till now . 

Consistency of the foundation 

The consistency of the product is very liquidy but turns into a matte finish . After application the foundation takes 1 sec or even lesser to turn into a nice matte , velvety soft and silky finish on your face . Doesn't budge after that even if you don't apply powder . But if you have a oily skin I would recommend you to set it with just a little bit of powder either it be a loose or compact powder . Do not over do the powder hence it is  a matte foundation so it might look too dry and powdery on your face  . 

Lasting power of the foundation 

The fit me foundation stays up to 4 to 5 hours on your face without budging and since this a matte foundation all you oily skin people can also wear it without any hesitation . 

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