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Hello ! This lockdown is getting boring day by day . All we can do is become the best versions of ourselves . Now after reading this article you might thank me but that's my job to make your day wonderful with a nice piece of content which is also useful in some or the other way . Now without any further intro lets get right into the article . 

Do you have a crush on someone ? Are you attracted to someone but you don't have enough courage to tell them ? Are you eyeing some boy or man for the longest time but you are not sure of his feelings  ? Do you want to make him yours at any cost ?  If your answer is YES . Than I have some tips for you . But in all honesty if that person is meant for you than and only than these tricks are gonna work .

 First things first lets admit that no matter what but looks do matter a lot in today's practical world and if you have not done your homework and research of your crush's likes and dislikes you probably gonna fail in the exam of love ..

 No male likes to be around a female who is't attractive enough to impress his friends or family , if you are a women (or even a men) you are expected to look attractive in some or the other way , not particularly for your partner but for the people around him . So that you and only you can grab all of his attention .

Also I think all us have related this topic (women should be attractive )  to a male dominated society whereas in reality it is not the case anymore , you might argue with me but first of all listen to me carefully . 

There is no harm in looking good at all ,  Looking attractive increases your confidence and boosts you self esteem which in turn increases your self love which is so important , not for anyone else but for you . This is called investment in yourself and when you invest in yourself you start to grow eventually and this has so many benefits in longer run .

Now one great way and I am pretty sure that this works on every guy is ,  dressing up traditionally in traditional Indian outfit and this can also work equally well even if you are from some other country . Case studies have shown that Saree is a powerful traditional Indian dress which has the potential to impress any and every one guy on this entire planet earth .  
                                Paithani Saree Silk - Free photo on Pixabay

Have you ever worn  one with a cut sleeve , backless blouse ? If you are from India I know that have already cause , most us in our high schools have tied the saree for the first time in school farewell , Hahahha those jaws dropping faces of guys and eye stuck on every girls waist , constantly trying to see through . Funny but memorable . 

Girls do you remember that feeling of wearing the Saree for the very first time ? Let me know in the comments below how was your experience .

Now just pulling off the saree is one thing and rocking every time you pull off the saree is another one . What would you like to do ? For me , I would love to rock it every time I pull it off , I want my gentleman's eyes to just be stuck on me . That is the basic idea behind me writing this article . Below are some tips for rocking that saree... 

How to rock that Saree 

1) Wear saree from belly .

Wearing a saree is not that tough . Try it once or twice and you will get the idea . Basically I learned the trick from my mother . Now if you already know how to wear saree but are still confused why those actresses have so much more appeal to them every time they wear it ? Here is the answer , They tie saree from there belly or even below the belly bottom . This gives so much space in between the blouse and the saree and exposes your natural curves which looks very attractive . 

Designer Saree Shopping Indian - Free photo on Pixabay

2) Deep back neck looks sexy like no ones business . 

Deep neck looks gorgeous on every women . No matter what this  trend is always in . It looks so much more sexy and feminine than anything could ever look . Also deep neck blouse looks good every kind of saree either it is of Cotton , Silk , Chiffon , Georgette . Specially when you are skinny women you should always opt for deep neck blouse by doing so your skinny shoulders are exposed to the world and that collar bone is Oh my god !!!! Now just as simple as this trick sounds as much powerful impact it has on the guys around you . This one particular thing is going to change the whole game for you but remember to be fair in the game of love . 

Chikankari Sarees Parsi Gara - Free photo on Pixabay

3) Try Georgette ,  Chiffon and cotton  sarees .

It depends on your body shape and weight . My recommendation would be -)Cotton or silk saree for curvy or chubby women , -) Georgette or Chiffon saree for skinny girls -) If you are not to chubby neither too skinny , lucky you cause you can wear what ever you want . It's all my recommendation , but by all means feel free to go , experiment and wear whatever you like and want . 

Saree Indian Ethnic - Free photo on Pixabay
cotton saree

Indian Women Traditionally Saree - Free photo on Pixabay
chiffon saree

Free Image on Pixabay - Sari, Fashion, Silk, Dress, Woman | Indian ...
Chiffon saree

4) Dusky girls go with brighter color saree , fair girls go with dark color saree

I am not saying that if you are so and so , you should wear only so and so . This topic is kind of subjective . Cause opinions are subjective . Coming back to the topic according to me , bright colors compliments dusky skin , but if you wanna wear something dark you obviously can , and  dark color compliments fair skin , but if you are into bright colors you are free wear it too.  

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5) Net saree looks gorgeous on every one .. 

 Net sarees are one of my favourites the best thing is they never go out of trend or fashion .Flaunts your body's curves perfectly . The see through view can impress any and every guy you want to . 

Best HD Kareena kapoor in saree facebook cover | www.acover.… | Flickr

Comment below if you liked this article . What's your take on saree let me know in the comments too . 
Also stay safe , stay home ... 

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