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How to be confident in your own body ?

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This time I am not just going to write an article and publish it . 

I am going to share some really personal stuff I have which is my journey of gaining confidence and accepting my self the way I am . 

My sole purpose behind writing this article is to have a good impact on someone's life . 

This is a really tough time for me , having no by my side even god seems to take some kinnda revenge from me .

 But wait ! Am I here to spread negativity obviously not .. So let's directly come to the topic of what today's post is gonna be all about ? 

Today will be a discussion from me to me about a very normal topic , which is not so normal . 

Ook let me break this down cause , I know you think I am drunk while writing this , but trust me I am not ... 

once again we got lost , but this time I am just gonna focus on my damn topic of being confident and owning yourself .

My way of developing confidence is a little different from others . How ? will explain you later in this article . 

Its going to be a journey , not reading just one article is enough , you will have to think , make a strategy , plan , practice and finally execute it .

 If nothing works just go crazy and be funny this will definitely work . 

The above mention Five words when used practically and correctly executed can make a really powerfull impact on a person with low confidence . 

Lets discus them in detail . Don't worry I am not gonna bore you though ! 


1) Think where do you lack confidence the most ? you afraid to go to public places , you just don't like to be around too many people ,  you are self-conscious , or insecure , shy , introvert there are so many synonyms to this but all of them relate to just one problem that is lack of self confidence . 

2) You have to think deeply and start to accept the reality . Think of what makes you feel more confident . 

Think of the process by which you can over come the situation and have a clear discussion in your mind it self .

3) When you start to think and face the problem in your mind that would be the first step towards this journey .

4) Think and make it very clear what is that one thing you are most insecure about . It may be possible that you are insecure of your looks . 

5) Talk to yourself that what is one particular area which needs a little bit of grooming in your looks , which can make a big difference . 

And what other good qualities and traits which you have to compensate it .

For me it was my acne problem which made me insecure every time I stepped out of the house .

So I just accepted it and tried to not be embaressed of it , Accepting the fact that acne is just a hormonal problem which occurs in every ones life at some or the other stage gave me a lot of courage and acceptance for my self . 

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Make a strategy

The second step is going to be a game changer . How ? 

1) Strategize in your mind , the next time before entering  the class room ,office , Event , party club or meeting your boyfriends friends , what amount of confidence should be on your face .

2) Whats your best profile to look at , I mean how do you look the best version of yourself , Is it when you laugh or when you smile or may be when you are quite . 

Make different faces infront of mirror and it will tell every thing . 

3) What kind of dress suits your body the best in casual daily life and what to wear on a particular occasion should be researched in advance . 

4) You know how to act on a particular situation . Just be normal my buddies .

 If someone calls you all of a sudden on stage what to do ? Make a strategy of just not being afraid of the audience and any person for that matter .

5) Think like this these people won't kill you and as long as you are alive you can do every thing . 


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Now you have to plan a day before .

1) How to dress up 

2)What amount of confidence should be on your face 

3) How are you going to express your self 

4) What if someone calls you on stage than how will you act 

5) What is the important topic for tommorow in you school , collage , office , or event 

6) Do your home work and research in advance .

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Now practice makes a man perfect . 

You can practice in front of the mirror , how to talk , how to walk , how to sit .

Express your self at your home in front of your family members 

Try different ways of making your self look and feel your best 

Accept that not every one is going to appriciate you 

Componsate your insecurities with your best traits and confidence 

Remember no one is perfect  .

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You know how to do that . 

Yes it will take a little bit of time to get in the flow but once you are consistent with the above mentioned points you will develop a lot of confidence in you also try to change your prospective and own your self . 

Love yourself , be the best version of yourself . 

If you wanna cut your hair just cut it right now 

If you wanna dance than go crazy and dance 

If you wanna wear that short skirt go wear it right now 

You think you have time , but who knows ?

Do what makes you feel confident 

Do it right now .

Below are some bonus tips which can boost your confidence too 

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1) Always try to look put together .

2) Express while you are talking to someone in person .

5) Don't try too hard to impress people .

6) Be your original copy not someones duplicate one .

7) Talk in front of the mirror .

8) Walk properly with confidence .

10 ) Invest in yourself .

15) Dress properly according to the situation .

16) Try to stand straight .

18) Don't listen to others do what you want .

20) Try to improve your General knowledge .

21) Read news paper daily .

24)Maintain your oral hygiene .

25)Maintain your personal hygiene .

28 ) Learn more than one language .

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