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hey! How is my audience ? Hope that you all are doing well and staying at your home .. 

Now back to the business , Because time is precious and I do not want to waste yours neither mine , So below is a short Introduction of what this article is all about and what all areas I am going to cover in this article .

Hello My name is Yaaau and I am going to create a series of some posts on my blog UNDER the title called Your Perfect Dress Up guide , in which I will be teaching you how to look and feel your best to anyone and every one whom you meet . Here and there I will also be giving you some secret tips and tricks , which you can learn and execute them in your own way ..... There are going to be several parts of your perfect dress up guide and this is the first part of this series .

Today's article is the first [ part -1] which is going to be all about How to look sexy if you are a tomboy or how to be more feminine or how to dress up like girls if , all your life you have dressed up like a boy and wore a T-shirt with just a slogan and you are some one who is very casual with your dressing sense , you don't pay much attention to it but trust me you will regret sooner or later . You regret this because your  impact on someone  is 50 % of how you dressed up the very first time you met them . Its a deal breaker actually ..

Now I am going to share my approach towards this topic . It might be help some people specially all those girls who struggle with their tomboyish image in every ones eyes . Below are some points which will help you feel sexy and confident mentally .

1) Feel gorgeous to look gorgeous 

        Girl Beauty Charm - Free photo on Pixabay

So first things first lets start with your thinking , do all those stuff what makes you feel like a girl . In order to look beautiful and confident you need to feel it too . Start to indulge in girly talks with your friends and specially your girl friends . They will help you in so many ways . Stop showing your strength unnecessarily until and unless an emergency  . Eventually you will start to feel more feminine from within ..

2) The way you walk says a lot about your personality 

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Wanna look sexy , than walk like one . Most of the attractive girls I know including my self have the most sexiest walk ever , I don't know weather its the perfect way to walk or not but being yourself and walking confidently and kinna having a bit of appeal to your walk can change the whole game for you . TO BE NOTED always walk straight with your chest up front and hips at the back should be like a string attached to the top of your head. Feel it lift you up from your hips so you are tall and straight. Do not lean forward or backward . Don't arch your back .

3) Talk politely but confidently 

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Talk like a girl in slow girly voice , do not laugh with your mouth wide open while you are talking to someone this way you appear more feminine  . While talking to someone look straight into their eyes and make an eye to eye contact with the other person but remember to be confident at all costs while you are talking . Politeness is the key to be attractive , cause ain't no body cares how good looking you are if you talk in rude manner . So make sure next time to be very polite and gentle .

4) Confidence is what it takes to be a real girl  

Women Girl Indian - Free photo on Pixabay

 Have you ever seen a sexy girl who always shies away?  No , right . Exactly my point if you want to look  attractive , sexy , hot and good looking you need to have the right amount of confidence to embrace your inner beauty , but not over doing anything and for that matter , over confidence can also be one of the major turn offs for many . One tip to increase your confidence is - Stand in front of the mirror and talk as much as you want to practice and walk in front of a full sized  mirror , this will help you  boost up your confidence to  another level .  Do your home work , your research the way you talk , the way you walk , do it all confidently and keep all the points in your mind , which I have mentioned here . 

Now it's time for Outfit /  trends / fashion / hairs 

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Your 50 % appearance depends on your hairstyle

Hairstyles can make a huge difference too . According to your mood you can change it as often as you prefer  but note , your hairstyle should suit your face shape and your personality as well , this is very important . Some times you love a particular hairstyle on someone and get it done on your self but that ends up looking totally bullshit on you that's because , everyone's face shape and facial features are different so what might look good on others may not look good on you and vice versa . So its better to consult a hairstylist or you can go to a salon for suggestion , and if you go to a parlor you can ask the staff or the owner , they kind off guide you according to your face structure . Below is a short guide which can help you a bit too......

Hairstyle for   

Rectangle face -  soft short layers  for short hairs and blowout waves and curls for long hairs .

Oval face  -  bob or lob with  minimum layers for short hairs and waves or curls with minimum layers for long hairs 
Square face -  layered bob with  side swept bangs for short hairs and long airy layers for long hairs .
heart face -  Pixie cut with side parted for short hairs and Bob and lob or pony tail for long hairs .

Dimond face - Chin-length bob for short hairs and Long layers with waves deep side parts , pony tail for long hairs .

Round face - Choppy pixie cut with short side bangs for short hairs and Long layered cuts for long hairs .
Triangle face - pixie cut short side bangs for short hairs and medium length layers for long hairs .

Portrait Woman Hairstyle - Free photo on Pixabay    

    Royalty-free hair haircut photos free download | Pxfuel   

    Hair Style Layers - Free photo on Pixabay

Hairdresser Maintenance Hair - Free photo on Pixabay  
  Hairstyle,hair,blond,mats,free pictures - free image from

Start to experiment with your wardrobe / Outfits 

Are you way too casual with your looks ? If  your answer is yes than keep up with me ..  If you are a beginner and want something affordable which can make you look sexy and is yet comfortable start of with a single dress wear it , try to pull off that dress often . In case you are pulling off any dress for the first time its gonna be really awkward for you , the best way to feel comfortable in it is , by wearing it in side your own house for a couple of times . Try to choose a decent color though light green , sea green , off white , brown and blues are some safe options to consider . This way you won't grab that much attention but still you will have a powerful  and sexy impact on everyone around you .... 

white and black strips looks best and is in trend 

Woman Young Sexy - Free photo on Pixabay

white net top looks gorgeous on anytime of the day and anything net looks so elegant and sexy .  

Woman Young Sexy - Free photo on Pixabay

Off shoulder jumpsuit is also one of the best options to consider , it not only makes you look professional but sexy at the same time .

Girl Fashion Woman - Free photo on Pixabay

One of the best and most comfortable yet sexy outfit list is incomplete without blazers , so here's one in my favourite color 

Portrait Girl Woman - Free photo on Pixabay

Midi dress looks so cool yet hot and if paired up with a pair of white sneakers girl you gonna rock it ...

Dress PNG and vectors for Free Download-

Foot wear needs a little attention too ....

The last but not the least . Its a fact that the first thing a person notices in you is your shoes , so you better pay attention to them . Depending on the outfit you can opt for any kind of shoes you like . A must have is a white pair of sneakers , it goes with most of modern outfits . 

High Heels Pumps Red Ladies - Free photo on Pixabay

Woman Shoes Clothing - Free photo on Pixabay

Women'S Shoes High Heels - Free photo on Pixabay

100+ Free Flip Flops & Beach Photos - Pixabay 

Let me know in the comments below what do you think , have I missed any points . Also what are your thoughts , on being a tomboy or feminine ...

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Jaya Avendel
May 7, 2020 at 1:22 PM ×

I am not a girl who does not feel confident in just anything, so I love what you say about finding the clothes that make you feel confident. When it comes to shoes, though, I trip around in heels, but I have found wedges are where it is at for me!

May 10, 2020 at 8:48 AM ×

Ohh that's great , I do prefer heels sometimes ..

May 11, 2020 at 5:00 AM ×

Cool post - I like to be a tomboy some days and a glam girl some others!