Best face wash for acne prone sensitive skin / face wash for acne prone skin

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best face wash for acne prone sensitive skin

1) You found this post interesting and you are curious to know about some skincare recommendation .

2) You have a acne prone sensitive skin and been searching for this ..

Below are some recommendation for face wash , for acne prone sensitive skin , which are decent and might suit you .

best face wash for acne prone sensitive skin

Best face wash for acne prone sensitive skin  

1) Mamaearth coco face wash 

2) Matcha hemp hydrating cleanser 

3) Insfree grean tea fomaing face wash 

4) mCaffeine naked detox face wash 

5) Himalaya Purifying Neem face wash 

The main reason behind me writing this article is to educate some of you ( who are reading this post ) about what you should look for , in a face cleanser or face wash , If you have concerns like acne and sensitivity on your skin ....
best face wash for acne prone sensitive skin

1) Always opt for hydrating face wash .

2) Don't opt for salicylic and glycolic acid based face wash to use on daily basis . 

3) After using an acid based face wash , its a must to apply a lots of sunscreen . 

4) Try to avoid hash oil free cleansers . 

5) Don't use too much oil stripping face washes . 

6) Don't wash your face too often .

7) Always use a moisturizer after using an oil free face wash .. 

Also in no way they can clear your acne . If you think a face wash can clear your acne , you are making a fool out of your self .Trust me these are all just marketing strategies . Don't fall under the trap of a acne free products . One thing which can clear your acne is your mind set . 

Be very sure and clear that if it has to happen it will happen . Acne can only be controlled by a good diet , which means no added sugar . And stop looking , picking and touching your face every time you see in the mirror . If you have acne just give a challenge to your self of not looking into the mirror for one month .

Than see the drastic change and enjoy your life , Acne and pimples are not a disease but just a normal problem . Stop stressing about it too much and it will go soon . Sleep , eat proper food and drink enough water This will help you and your body to recover from every possible issue and your skin will be healthy .

If you Like this post comment down below , whats your favourite face wash ..

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August 21, 2020 at 5:57 AM ×

Thank you for this post. I will use these tips

August 21, 2020 at 8:59 AM ×

I have battled acne my whole life. I'm almost 40 and I've found the only cleansers I can use contain benzoyl peroxide.