How to wash face properly for oily skin / If you have oily skin must read this

   How to wash face properly for oily skin 

How to wash face properly for oily skin ?

After doing a lot of research , not in the lab , but on my own oily acne prone skin , I have come to a conclusion . Oily skin can be dehydrated and oily at the same time . The question here is - How to wash face properly for oily skin ? & now comes the second question , i.e does cleansing method makes any difference , if you have oily skin ? 

The answer to the first question is going to be in today's article & the answer to the second question , i.e  does cleansing method makes any difference , if you have oily skin ? Is here .Yes it does !  you have to choose a proper method for cleansing your face & pores properly , so that you don't get any dead cells buildup on you skin also ensuring pores are clean & not clogged . 
Most people with Oily acne prone skin have found , that just a proper cleanse does the 50% job of keeping pimples & acne at bay according to a report 

Steps involved in proper cleansing -

1) Using 60 second cleansing method 

By saying this , I do not mean cleansing with a face wash for 60 seconds . 60 second cleansing means double cleansing . i.e oil cleansing or balm cleansing for the first 30 seconds to disolve that dirt & than going in with a mild gentle face wash for next 30 seconds . 

2) Using a wash cloth for removing makeup

Using a wet wash cloth for removing makeup is very effective . While doing it do not create too much friction because that can irritate the skin & result in more sebum production . 

3) Cleansing twice a day is enough 

If you want to keep your skin barrier intact , do not wash your face more than twice a day . If you cleanse your face too often this could dry out your skin ,  as a result the sebaceous glands produces more sebum and can also lead to damage skin barrier . 

 4) Use cleansing device 

Only if you can afford it , its not so compulsory or a must have . Remember to not over do this . Try to just use any cleansing device only once a week and not more than that . Cleansing device helps in removing dirt from your pores .  

5) Not over washing 

Do not keep washing your face with water and cleanser for way too long . As the commercial cleansers contain SLS which can damage your skin barrier , if you keep using cleansers for more than 20 seconds every single day twice , once in the morning and once in the night . In longer run its simply not good . 

6) Being gentle 

how to wash face properly for oily skin

Always be gentle , do not create too much friction on your face , using very harsh cleansers can strip off the natural oils , this leads to compromise skin barrier . Also creating too much friction can lead to more acne , irritated and inflamed skin . So to avoid all the skin issues always be very gentle with your facial skin . 

7) sensitive skin people should wash with plain water

How to wash face properly for oily skin

Yes ! I just wrote plain water and no cleanser or face wash at all . Out of so much experience I'm telling you water works equally well . Now I know most of us are addicted to that squeaky clean feeling but that's just a addiction , not a good habit . Now I regularly wash with plain water and  apply rice water as a toner, that's all . Check out my rice water experience here . 

8) Never to use bar soap .  

Your regular bar soaps can be highly irritating to the skin , as they contain parabens , SLS , silicons which are harsh chemicals and are not meant for sensitive skin . Also bar soaps suck all the natural and essential oils which are necessary for the skin .  Bar soaps have way too different pH balance than our  facial skin . 

9) Go with paraben free face washes and cleansers 

Now parabens are bad chemicals present in the commercial cleansers . They don't suit sensitive skin and can react with your sensitive skin which may lead to skin issues like pimples , irritation , itching and skin barrier damage . Its better to avoid parabens in your face wash . Always look for paraben free face washes if you have oily sensitive skin . 

10) Don't use products with fragrance in them 

Fragrance can be highly irritating to oily skin and all skin types in general . Its best to avoid fragrance in skin products . If you want to have healthy skin opt for mild and natural fragranced products , Not the products with artificial fragrance . 

11) Always use room temperature water to wash your face 

Room temperature water or luck warm water is best for washing oily face properly . This helps to maintain the natural pH balance of the skin , which is very necessary for the over all health of the skin .
This is the one and only way to get a really nice cleanse . This is the most under ratted skin care habit . 

12 ) Don't ever use too hot or too cold water on face 

Too much hot water is not good for the skins pH level and too much cold water is also not good for skins pH level , be aware of the side effects of both of them might have on your skin . 

13) Wash your face before going to bed  

The night cleansing routine is going to benefit you in many ways . Its a must to wash your face in the night before going to bed if you want to have a clear  acne free skin . Also its a must to apply moisturizer after face wash to keep the skin hydrated . 

14) Wash your hands before washing your face 

Do not wash your face with dirty hands . First clean your hands with a soap than touch your face . This will avoid the chances of transferring the germs and bacteria from your dirty hands to your face . 

15) Use aloe vera as a face wash 

Aloe vera is a very soothing and calming for the skin . I would highly recommend you to invest in a aloe vera infused face wash . 

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