Waxing with sugar

           How to make body wax with sugar

Hello ! 

Today's article is all about how to make sugar wax at home . As we know these days there's a lot of risk due to the pandemic world wide so going out side the house is not so risk free . 
Also beauty and personal hygiene is something we cannot compromise on . So why not make your own wax at home which doesn't even need too much ingredients and time .

Now we will discuss step by step of how to make wax with sugar 

1) Take two cups of sugar in a bowl 

2) Add one cup of  water to it 

3) Put this mixture on to the gas on high flame , add half a lemon to the mixture . 

4) When it comes to a boil turn the flame low 

5) Let this mixture boil on the low flame , until it gets some thicker consistency . 

6) After 5 minutes or so keep checking if the consistency is still liquidity . 

7) Once you feel the the consistency of the mixture is like of a wax than , switch off the gas . 

8) Let this cool down and your wax is ready to use . 

Comment below if you have tried this sugar waxing at home . Share it with your friends and family . 

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Lea Watson
June 9, 2021 at 11:57 AM ×

Sugaring is better for your skin. It's natural, and it's gentler. If you have sensitive skin it's definitely the best option . mcspany

Congrats bro Lea Watson you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...