Pimples - a result of upset Stomach

Hello everybody , welcome to another post of mine , which is going to be all about skincare from inside .

Our body is meant to heal itself on it's own . 

Skincare products are just meant to help your skin heal even faster . What most people don't realize including me some years ago . 

Earlier I thought that , only skincare products can heal a skin issue like pimple , acne , zits , blackheads and whiteheads . 

What I never thought was , my digestive system has a big role to play in my body and how my skin turns out to be . 

Now what you should do to have a acne free skin ? 

1) Cleanse your system . 

2) Drink enough water ( 6 glasses ) a day .

3) Sleep well and try to sleep early .

4) Before going to shower detox your body with green tea , warm water , lemon with warm water . 

5) If you sleep late night or in morning make sure to eat something before going to bed . 
6) Don't look in the mirror often .

7) Don't stress too much , even if you do try to listen to music .

8) Fresh air and deep breaths are underrated but important . 

Note- This post may contain some affiliate links , which means I may get a small amount of commission , when you purchase products from the given links , with no extra cost on you . 

Now let's see ; why is the health of your stomach so important ? 

According to Chinese face mapping method several internal organs of your body are responsible for the acne on different parts of your face . 

It is your stomach which is responsible for the cheek bone acne .

Basically the pimples on my cheek bone were because of my stomach , large intestine and lungs were not in a healthy state . 

I know this because of my sleeping schedule is really disturbed and unhealthy . I also wake up really late and my water intake is not sufficient , which is why I have so much of inflammation going around . 

After that I was supper stressed out and went to a doctor .

He than just asked me about my digestion system and suggested to clean it up . He gave me some homeopathic medicine and asked to take them for a weak . 

With in few days What I noticed was , something drastic and very effective change in my skin as well as my body . 

I have also increased water intake during the day time , tried reduce stress , made a simpler routine , tried to sleep early in the night and woke up early in the morning . 

Though I do know that its just been a span of 5 to 6 days but , I am happy and fully satisfied by the results . 

It's not even been a month and I am still on medication , so I don't know  how my body is going to react after I stop all the medication 

I will be updating with another article soon . 

Share this article with your friends and family also comment below what's your take on the whole article . 

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October 19, 2020 at 8:42 AM ×

Ver Insightful post. I use to get Pimples as a teenager and was worried for my niece. Thanks for Sharing.

Congrats bro Unknown you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...