Benefits of toner 2020 / benefits of toning your face / best toners for acne prone skin

        Benefits of toner 

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'Toner' the word itself says something which will make your face even or toned . The over all idea of a toner is to get absorbed in the skin and maintain the pH balance , which at the same time helps other products to penetrate deep into the skin by which you can attain the maximum benefit from your skincare. 

Apart from basic duties below are some other benefits of toner which you might want to look into if you think toners are just unnecessary step into a skincare routine . 

1 ) Balances pH level of skin 

After washing with a cleanser the skins natural pH level is disturbed , due to complete oil strepping from the face , thus toner helps in balancing out the pH level of the skin which is 5.5 . 

2 ) Evens out skintone 

If used regularly toner helps to make your skin look even toned . In other words toners help to improve over all health of the skin and helps your face with brightness and radiance in the longer run . 

3 ) Helps with dry patches 

People dealing with excessive dry patches on their face should totally try out toners , specially hydarting toners which are meant to give hydration and are specifically targeted towards sensitivity of the skin . One of my all time favorite is klairs supple preparation toner ( Non sented one ) . 

4 ) Reduces skins texture 

If you suffer from a lot of texture on your skin , than toners up to some extent can help . Toners infused with hyaluronic acid are meant to not only provide you with with soft and plumped skin but can also reduce pore size and help with textured skin a lot . 

5 ) Helps penetrate other skincare products deeper 

When used as a first step in any skincare routine , toners work like magic as well as all other skincare products on top of the toner penetrate really deep into the skin and works 10 times more effectively than other wise it would have been . 

6 ) Helps with physical scarring 

Some of the good quality toners also do help with physical scarring and can change the whole skincare game for you . Physical scarring in short means the pits or deep pores left behined by a clusters of pimples or acne on face . Some options of toners are given below for you to consider . 

7 ) Instant pore fixer  

Due to their vary nature yes toners are instant pore fixer and if used regularly toners can shrink the size of the pores permanently too . Note that every skincare product needs some time to work and you should always use products for a minimum of two months to see a visible change . 

Best toners to choose according to your skin concern .

There are several toners available in the market . Which is very over whelming if you are a beginner in skincare , or even if you know what you need , there are so many companies which claim everything out of there skincare but don't do a shit . 

Below are some of the cult favorite toners , which you can consider as per your skins needs and requirements .

1 ) Klairs supple preperation uncented toner


2 ) Kama ayurveda pure rose water


3 ) I'm from rice toner 


4 ) Insfree green tea water

5 ) Lush tea tree water 

6 ) Avene thermal spring water 


7 ) Purito centella green level calming toner 


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October 6, 2020 at 7:48 PM ×

Thank you for sharing. I recently started using toners a year ago. Once you find the right one that is perfect for your skin type it really helps to add moisture to your min.

October 7, 2020 at 12:52 PM ×

Which toner do you recommend the most ..

Britt K
October 10, 2020 at 10:33 AM ×

Thank you for putting this together. I am FAR from being a skincare expert - in fact, I don't know all that much at all. I have seen many bloggers talking about the benefits of toners but never dug into what they actually did and why it would be worth investing in one myself.

Suresh Allu
October 17, 2020 at 2:48 PM ×

Hey thanks for sharing this wonderful article with out reading this I would know never know the benefits of using a toner. Very helpful and you have done a great research for putting all these advantages­čÖé­čÖé