Is is okay to use another moisturizer with acne star ?

Moisturizer with acne star

 Layering products in itself is not a bad thing to do but layering products in the right order is the best practice ever . One more thing to keep in mind while layering products is that if you layer skincare products in the wrong order , than it is most likely to get wasted . 

Example ; If you layer moisturizer after a beauty oil than it is most likely to sit just as a layer on top of your skin and provides no value to the health of your skin . This is because oils form a really thick layer and anything you apply after it will just be a waste of product .

Now comes the question that can we use acne star with a moisturizer ? 

The answer is yes . But remember to use a simple basic moisturizer with acne star , as acne star in it self is an acne treatment and you should not and you must not use more than one treatment product at a time .

One more thing to always remember is to use any acne treatment product just on the area where you have acne or pimple and do not apply the acne product on the rest of your face . In this case you just need to use acne star on your pimple and use moisturizer on the rest of your face . 

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I hope this helps you . 
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