Are silicon face primer bad for skin

Are silicony face primers really bad for skin ? 

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We all love pore filling silicon based primers , don't we ! but there is a very harsh reality when it comes to the side effects of silicon primers . In this post I will be breaking down , what actually do silicon primers do to your skin , and what can you use instead for a smooth and long lasting base . 

Why are silicon face primer bad for skin ? 

Okay , this question is so so important because , its answer will help you to decide for your self , what ingredients  to look for , in your makeup and what ingredients to avoid , if you have a sensitive acne prone skin . 

A pore filling primer contains a lot and lots of silicons , which is why they are used to fill in your pores and the silicon sits on the top of skin giving it a smooth and blurring effect and acts as a barrier between your foundation and skin . 

Remember that silicon in it self is not a harmful chemical , but it does have the tendency to trap oil , dust particles and pollutants and can clog your pores real bad . 


Side effects of silicon based primer 

1 ) Clogging of pores - These primers can potentially clog your pores because they are not easy to remove and you need double cleansing method to remove all the silicon based products from your face .
In addition to that you also need an oil based product to break down the silicon primer .

2 ) Non-water soluble - Usually silicon based products are non-water soluble which means , if you wash your face with water and a normal cleanser , even than you won't be able to get rid of the makeup completely , and you will have to use an oil based product every time you goin with silicon based products like primer .

3 ) Doesn't provide any nutrition to skin - silicon is neither bad nor good for skin . So all in all it surly doesn't provide value to your skins health for sure .  

4 ) Aggressive on  sensitive skin - Silicon in its very nature is not at all bad for skin , but its hard to remove silicon and it can get a little hard and aggressive while removing a silicon based product from your face . 

5 ) Bad for large pores - A little bit silicon if stuck in your pores could not be removed properly can clog your pores real bad and that is why its , not suitable for large pores . Although mostly people with large pores use silicon based primer to fill in their pores . 

6 ) Hard to remove - It is very hard to remove as we already have discussed .  

In conclusion I would like to state that no primers are bad for skin . You just need to make sure to completely wash off your makeup before going to bed and that would keep your skin clear and acne free in longer run . 

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