Is it okay to shampoo every day ?

Is it okay to shampoo every day ? 

The straight answer to this question is No , Shampoo can make your scalp more dry if you use shampoo every day . There are multiple reasons because of which you ,might want to wash your your hair every day .

Some people have regular exposer to dirt and dust , some do have oily scalp and often times people with thinner hair like to wash hairs every day because after shampoo hairs get a tad bit more volume and tend to appear more fluffy . 

Although everyone has the right reason for shampooing , but it's just gonna make your hairs more and more rough , scalp more itchy and dandruff is gonna be your best friend . More or less you only need to wash your hairs twice a week not more than that . 

How to take care of of hairs in busy lifestyle 

1) Be gentle with your hairs 

2) Wash twice a week 

3) Oiling is a must at least once a week

4) Always wash your hairs with cold or room temperature water .

5) Do not use extreme temperatures on your hairs .

6) Always be happy and patience , with your problems .

7) If you suffer hair loss for any reason , just don't worry , trust me you are not loosing on anything , be happy and remember you are beautiful and smart . 

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