Is using lemon on skin over night okay ?

 Is using lemon on skin over night okay ?

Is using lemon on skin over night okay ?

The short , simple and safe answer to this question is No . Absolutely not! Lemon can really irritate your skin and is known to make your skin prone to sensitivity and can cause sun burn . The worst any one could do to their skin is to apply lemon on the face and leave it over night . 

Let alone leaving over night , even if you just use lemon on your skin for few minutes , it can cause serious sensitivity and itching on your skin . Mostly for sensitive skin it is best recommended to stay away from using organic lemon on skin . Not just for sensitive skin but also for normal , combination , oily , dry , acne prone skin it is best that you do not use raw lemon on your face . 

Side effects of using lemon on skin 

1 ) Lemon is very harsh on skin 

Lemon is known for its bleaching properties . When used without proper formulation in a raw form it can be really harsh on the skin . Such strong cleansing agent is not meant to use in it's raw form on the skin of your face specially , which is very sensitive than the rest of your body and is constantly exposed to the outside environment . 

2 ) Can cause sun burn 

If you use lemon on your face and go out directly in the sun than this can cause sun burn on your face specially if you have sensitive skin or acne prone skin . In case you suffer from pimples than this is going to make the situation worst and may be it's going to have no cure in near future . 

3 ) Can cause irritation 

Lemon if used in it's pure form can damage the skin barrier , which means your skin is going to react to every thing you apply on your face and , you will face itching issues every now and than , for no real reason . So be sure to not use lemon on your face in it's pure form . 

4 ) Acidic in nature 

Lemon is very acidic in nature . Your skin might not have the ability to tolerate such acidic substance in nature and that is why it is best to avoid using lemon directly on your face .

5 ) Sensitivity on skin 

Lemon can cause real sensitivity on your skin if used in raw form . It's best to use lemon infused skincare products which are formulated in labs under the supervision of dermatologists to get good results as well as to be on the safer side .

6 ) Skin rashes and bumps 

You can get rashes and bumps on your skin if you go under the sun after using lemon directly on your face . Make sure to not use lemon if you are going out in the sun without applying sunscreen . And its best to avoid using lemon on your face in it's raw and pure form . 

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