What skincare should be used by under 15 years of age ?

 What skincare should be used by under 15 years of age ?

I often wonder , that what would I do if I could go back to my teenage years ! Since I know so much about skincare now and not when I was a teenager , so today I am going to share some of the basic skincare which I would be using if was a teenager or under 15 . 

I want to mention one very important stuff before I go in further , i.e if you are a teenager than you do not need to use any retinol or treatment product , that is because when we are in our teens then the cell turnover is very fast and it happens naturally , which means the scars and wound heeling process is very faster and is also very independent on its own . 

As we age our body starts to loose the collagen and the cell turnover gets very slow and then we are dependent on creams and medications which can help to increase the collagen and speedup the cell turnover and retinol comes very handy to do that . 

So next time if someone says anything good about retinol to you , than don't get excited about it , cause you actually don't need it . Coming back to skincare musts below are some of the most universal skincare , which you must use if you are under 15 or even if you just want a simple yet effective skincare routine .

Skincare for under 15 years 





These are some of my favorite products and are cult favorite for a reason . All the products mentioned here are just recommendation and in case if you have any serious skin issues do not google rather go to a good dermat .

In all honesty do not use any products directly on your face , do a patch test before using any products on your face , so that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients in it . 

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